Wrath of Asura vs The Olympians

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Everyone from Wrath of Asura Full power


There Olympians (these are the mythological ones)












Okay many of you think that Asura kills them all fine then I am adding Zeus in.

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Any Wrath of Asura fans any fans at all?

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Be more specific on which Olympian gods, there are many different incarnations of them, take for instance the ones from God of War (who would be stomped by Asura) and then compare them to their Saint Seiya's conuterparts (who would stomp Asura), that is a tremendous difference in power between just two different incarnations.

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It's "Asura's Wrath". Not "Wrath of Asura".  And Asura wins since the majority of that line up aren't that important. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and lust, and Asura is a very angry individual. Hercules is a demi-god, son of Zeus. Nowhere near the level of strength Asura alone has demonstrated.
Appolo rides across the heavens on a golden chariot and carries the sun with him from dawn til dusk across the sky. Asura busts stars. Athena is the goddess of the hunt and Asura is bigger game than anything she can ever deal with.
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Augus Asura and yasha can take this depending on which versions of the Olympians we use. more would be needed if it's like marvel Greek gods.

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Op already stated the version. It's the Mythological Version, aka Greek Myth. Not GoW or Marvel or DC.
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Mythological Olympians stomp I am being nice to all you Asura fans for not putting int Zeus for he could solo with extreme ease.

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@ReiKai: Okay I am going to say this to you once only once. The earth at that time is considered small compared to heavan. Heavan is bigger than the universe for people thought the sky was infinite. The earth at that time was thought to be the second biggest thing after heavan. Later on people knew about stars and galaxies so people readapted the greek myhologies to fit modern time. Every single greek gods is way above galaxy level. Listen even the marvel greek gods on galaxy level the mythological ones are way above galaxy level.

Do not say stuff about how Asura busts planets with ease because every olympian could do that.

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Don't try and bs me kid. I'm quite familiar with Greek Mythos and regardless of how you want to spin it, they're screwed. You can't claim anything for them, least of all planet-level ability. The only two beings in the entirety of Greek Myth whom Asura wouldn't be able to kill are Night and Thanatos. That's it. And since neither of them is here, the Olympians get screwed. Hard.
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Chackravartin summons Viltra and tons of Ghoma or just blows up Mountain Olympis.

Yasha could speed blitz.

Augus slices them in half.

Asura kills them all..

Also in Greek Myth, the Gods feared Achilles. Zeus was afraid to fight Achilles. Zeus is nothing to Asura if he was scared to fight the mighty Achilles.

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Mythological gods get squished by Asura. Asura can casually starbust and break through dimensions/universes. The gods have no such showings in any of their stories.

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Asura's Wrath cast wins.

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From what I've read of the original myths, Asura should win. Punching. Lots of punching.

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@ReiKai: Are you sure you are familiar with Greek mythos cause I don't think you are.

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@XxGin said:

@ReiKai: Are you sure you are familiar with Greek mythos cause I don't think you are.

There is a user on Comicvine called ''ShootingNova'' he seemed to know alot of Mythology stuff and he said that Orphic Zeus was incredible strong. Something about Zeus absorbing/defeating Nyx or some other Abstract and litterly became everything (God).




Pretty cool stuff.

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Zeus was afraid to fight Achilles.

Asura>Achilles>Zeus>Greek Gods

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@XxGin: I smell a troll.

We are quite familiar with greek mythology. The greatest being they have is Chaos which is universal. Asura trumps universals.

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Athena's fighting skills even above Are's.
She remembers the past, knows the present and can predict the future. She knows
all of Asura's moves before he even uses them. Athena is the goddess of war and
millitary strategy. She weilds a mighty spear which is said to pierce
anything and her inpenetrable shield ageis given to her by her father which has
medusa's head mounted on it which turns everyone who stares at it into stone.

Ares (who is supposed to be amongst the weakest of the Olympians) screams with the voice of ten thousand men and turns day into night or in other words darkening the universe which to gods is merely darkening the sky.

Hermes will just speedblitze Asura to hell. I do not know how Asura will even be able to see Hermes let along catch. Hermes runs across heavan and hell with ease for he is the messanger god.

Hercules whose strength is greater than Ares and said to be greater than even Zeuses lifted up all of heavan (which is bigger than the universe) for days without any food, help or rest.

Hera, the queen of the Greek gods, unintentionally (as in created one with out even knowing) created a milky way which is equivalent of all 15 constellations.

Apollo is said to be only second to Zeus. If any Olympians get injured Apollo can fully heal them. Apollo knows the future and can control fate. He is the one who first recorded the greek mythology.

Aphrodite will just seduce any men she sees.

Hephaestus is the only one who has the ability and power to create the mighty lightning of Zeus (capable of easily destroying the universe). He was the one who built Tartarus a land for where mortals to get tortured in a land as big as heaven.

Hades, one of the big three, a being so powerful who's even Zeus was scared of. Hades can not die (known of the Olympians can die, really). His power even rivals that of Zeus.

Poseidon, one of the big three, his powers rivals that of Zeus. His anger causes endless storms and quakes on earth burying the mortals under a thick layer of sufforcation. His might is incalculable tossing islands (equivalent to planets) like toys destroying the universe with just a shake. His powers is unmatched for his the one who created the gates that prevented the Titans from leaving Tartarus until Zeus so desires.

And last but definitely not the least, Zeus. l you Asura fans who thinks that they know a lot about Greek mythology get ahold of this, this is beyond getting a A+ on you grade 4 or 5 social studies project. Zeus the one that rules them all. Zeus destroyed a universe with a gentle shock from his thunderbolt. He the one who rules them all cast Tyhpoon down to Tartarus with one thunderbolt. Even the weakest carnation of Zeus is capable of one shotting universes. He took on all the Olympians to prove that he is the only one worthy enough to rule olympus. Zeus makes a fool out of everyone in Asura's Wrath.
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@CerusSerenade: @DBZ_universe: and you guys think that you know alot about Greek mythology? I am not scared of any Asura fan on this site I will prove I am right the truth is the truth Asura is not that strong at all.

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@XxGin: Well I did took Greek Myth class and have read books so yeah I am aware of what they can do.

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