Wolverine vs Anderson

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@tronboy said:

Wolverine survived a Nuclear explosion dodges Bullets on a normal basis fights the hulk and you think he cant kill anderson with his Adamantimum Claws.

Wolverine, a casual bullet-timer? Good one. Anyone who thinks he has supersonic+ reactions need to get checked out. Anderson is definitely the faster of the two. If this is to the death, then it's probably a stalemate.

Have to ask, is it possible to drown/suffocate Wolverine?

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Wolverine cant be killed!


Ps:I dont realy know Anderson so i can say unless we are talking about one of those guys(Clearly not the case :P)


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Well i mean in the end wolverine would win that is if anderson has a weakness and can be killed. Because there is no possible way for anderson to decapitate logan because of his adamantium neck.

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even if u decapitate him it wont kill him because Xavier said the only way to stop him(not kill him) is to decapitate him and keep his head far away from his body which is impossible by Anderson.

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