will goku battle real gods in movie?

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@DBZ_universe: Don't forget letting Gohan fight Cell, hoping that his power would release. If it wasn't for 16, it might not have. In the space of 1 minute, 16 was a better father to Gohan than Goku was.

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Animated Goku is vastly more powerful than the manga version so it wouldn't surprise me if he fights a god.

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@Supreme Marvel: Oh yeah I forgot about that too... Or the time when he let Raditz kidnap Gohan...

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@DBZ_universe: I think if his friends never put pressure on him, he would of let Raditz have Gohan.

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@taichokage said:

What i want more than anything from the movie are hardcore showings. I believe that Toriyama said that the movie would be canon, so Goku and possibly others will have some more feats under their belt after all this time, especially since its post EOS. But how good they will be is a mystery. I think as far as feats go, people really want to see destruction and strength. Goku's speed isn't argued that much because at least with IT, it's generally accepted that Goku can be FTL, but not so much with the other two categories, and durability as well. Everyone knows Goku can bust a planet, but beyond that it's either powerscaled or not accepted. And with strength, Goku could range from thousands of tons to possibly planet shattering, but due to inconsistency and lack of proper feats, that is also hotly discussed. Some anti fans still say that Goku cant lift more than 40 tons in base and some fanboys debate that he can destroy a galaxy with ease. Hopefully we get something solid so that fanboys and anti fanboys alike will be silenced. But perhaps more than that, another major villain is finally on the scene. Assuming he is the strongest yet, it will be awesome. But in answering this thread, it depends on the definition of God.

Definitely, we need more showings.

I think this movie is going to be stupid; I hope I'm proved wrong, but really? Egyptian gods? Who was the f**king genius who said "I know, let's make the first Dragonball film in over a decade DBZ vs The Mummy"? Honestly, there was a hell of a lot more that they could have done.

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I wouldn't say I was anti-fanboy. I would say I was a realist towards it. Base for clear shows he's not that strong ins strength. In super forms, people say, which I've gone by for their benefit that it is strength is multiplied each level they ascend. That would make a super saiyan 3 between 160,000 tons and if it is 40 tons on each arm instead of 10 on each, it would be around 640,000 tons he could do damage on. The likes of Superman have taken hits of other Kryptonians that have the strength of lifting planets. So I go by that, and by that, every punch Goku at that level wouldn't do nothing to the likes Superman. I will say Goku and co have a decent level of durability to physical damage and a extreme level of high durability towards energy based attacks.

That;s just what I go by. In terms of strength anyway. I don't think I'd mind seeing some hard evidence of their speed being beyond light. I think I could believe that more than their strength being planet busting.

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@Supreme Marvel said:

@DBZ_universe: I think if his friends never put pressure on him, he would of let Raditz have Gohan.

Jaja that is true..

Also like in end of series, he just leaves everyone for his own selfish needs.

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@SpeedForceSpider: after watching that, should we consider enel on DBZ level?? xD

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@Jinbeifan1: LOL I don't know XD

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@SSJjanemba: The name of the villain is for the movie is God of Destruction Bills and he's based off of the Egyptian God Anubis. Whether he will be a real god in the sense of the word remains to be seen

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Gods in DBZ are pretty much the same as every other person in DBZ. King Yemma is a God. But supposedly weaker than Nappa. King Kai is a God, yet weaker than Goku was after leaving in the Saiyan Saga. Grand and Supreme Kais are all supposed to be Gods, but they don't ever really do anything. All the Kais are more like Overseers than actual deities.
The DBZ movies are pretty much bunk anyway for the most part. Only two, maybe 3 of them, would actually be Canon. So, even if it says "Battle of the Gods", it really doesn't mean much. Not gonna be much different than Buu or Janemba or take a page from GT and be like the Shadow Dragons. The "Gods" in DBZ aren't all that different from the DBZ cast themselves.
Gods in Mythos are far more powerful. Greek Mythos, Chaos was everything and created everything. Spawned Night, the ever fertile mother and darkness that exists between the stars, who gave rise to Kronos and Gaea and all else. Those two who then began the Olympians with Zeus, Hades and all of them. Also the Titans and while all that was going on, Night was still pumping out new beings and deities, like Hypnos and Thanatos. Hypnos being the God of Sleep and Peaceful Death, whereas Thanatos was simply Death Itself.
Anyway, the "My God is better than Your God" arguments are absurd.
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oh boy...let the sonic vs goku topic revive......

anyway so PSYCHED to see this...but that bro next to goku looks like lucario XD

but im pretty sure that vegeta will be horrible (since he is dead), and make him "come back" really cheaply, but atleast goku (i hope) will be awesome!

.........and what is this doing in the battles section? XD

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@ReiKai: I don't think anyone here is really arguing about religion, I think we're just arguing that being a "god" doesn't necessarily make you all powerful. I think the Marvel version of Thor is more powerful than the Nordic version anyway.

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Gods in DBZ are a status or job, it has no relation to being a TRUE/REAL GOD OF CREATION (Being that created the Universe) or such. 
All Gods in DBZ have the following abilities. 
Jurisdiction over their specified area (Clairvoyance: This also gives them the power to view all happening in the lower world) (e.g. Kami can sense and see all happenings on Earth from his Lookout) 
Matter Manipulation/Creation  
Telepathy: Communication / Mind Reading 
Teleportation: Kami, Kibito.
In DBZ their are several category of Gods 
Planetary = Kami 
Judge of the Dead = Enma Daio 
King of the Worlds = Kaio   
Leader of Kaio = Dai Kaio
Gods of the Kaio = Kaioshin  
Leader of Kaioshin = Dai Kaioshin 

There are also evil counterparts to the Kaio and Kaioshin, Makaio and Makaioshin. 
Kaio and Kaioshin are both born from Fruits from the World Tree.  Golden Fruits become Kaioshin.
Kaioshin and Kaio are not Immortal. Kaio's live for 75,000 years. Kaioshin live for more than 10,000,000 years. 
God of Destruction Birusu from the movie "Battle of Gods" likely slots into the position near Kaioshin, since he relates to the balance of the Universe. 
The current most powerful Gods in DBZ is Dai Kaioshin followed by South Kaioshin, they are stronger than SSJ3 Goku.  
Birusu could prove to be more powerful or just as powerful as SSJ3 Goku, we will have to wait and see on that one.
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@ReiKai: Broly is also a God! he is the true God on DBZ.

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haahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaha lol funi dub so bad.... @DBZ_universe said:

@Supreme Marvel said:

He was still alive for 3 years pre-Androids. He learnt it in less than a year. I'm sure the Z fighters are good enough to do the same. Tien is amazing at learning new techniques.

That is true... lol.. Goku is really dumb. Piccolo, Tien, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan needed IT... especially Gohan with his huge kamekamehas... damn to epic to think about it.

His reason was he wanted his kids to do it. That's poor parenting. The fact he didn't mind his child killing. Fucked up that.

Goku is a dummy, he also did the same with Vegeta by letting the fight run so he could had a turn... and Vegeta almost got killed cause of that!

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