Who is the strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings?

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It's definitely

1. Zebra

2. Toriko

3. Sani

4. Coco(as of now since we still haven't seen him fight yet)

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I don't think it is linear, In my mind it is Coco > Sani > Toriko > Coco, kinda like rock, paper, scissors, with just Zebra being on the outside

Sani's ability matches well against Toriko's, Coco's ability matches well against Sani's (Sani doesn't want to touch Coco's poison), and Toriko's abilities match well against Coco

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zebura was the strongest sure but now i think the other kings have caught up to zebura especially toriko and sani. coco seems to be lagging behind but that's only because they havent shown his fight with grinpatch.

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In terms of power and effectiveness, it would more like this.


The only reason Coco it at the bottom is because of his style. He's more of a hit and run fighter, unlike the other three. Plus, Grinparch even eats Coco's poison, meaning that his abilities aren't really that impressive (other than his Aqua Regia mix).

Zebura is always number because of his immense strength, and wide array of vocal abilities.

Toriko is under Sani only because he is the most linear in terms of development. He has fantastic techniques, but not on the level of Zebura and Sani. Now, of course he is stronger than Sani physically, his actually power is not that great to put him above Sani.

Sani is second because of his hax Satan Hair. If any of you saw his fight with Tommyrod, you would see why I say that. Even now he can remotely take control of things, even with his hair cut off. Plus, when he uses his new Satan hair, it's speed is fairly good. Plus he has his Frygeshi techniques that makes him damn near untouchable. Then, if you come close, he has Hair Lock. If any of the Heavenly Kings were the second, it would have to be Sani.

Until toriko pulls something overly amazing, he wont change on the list. And until we see the rest of Coco's fight with Grinparch, he doesn't budge an inch either.

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@ChromeDisaster: coco has one heck of a poison its not that he is weak its just that grinpatch has a frightening tolerance towards poison and dont worry when the real fight between them starts im sure shimabukuro will give coco the upgrade he deserves. sani got his satan hair toriko his ultimate routine they are gonna be pretty much even.

and no i wouldnt put sani above toriko.

his ultimate routine is as broken as satan hair or even more.

the only thing that stopped toriko from one shotting starjun was that he also had control of that technique and with that he stops the image toriko is trying to take into reality.

i dont see sani surviving the beating toriko has delivered so far to starjun. and its likely that the 50 ren fork shield can block momentarily satan hair

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@othus12: I agree that Sani wont take those attacks, but when it comes to the fighting ability, Sani trumps Toriko only because of his abilities. I base my decisions off of a 1 vs the other scenario. Sani has already proven that he can throw anything Toriko launches right back at him, albeit with difficulties. You make a good point on the fork shield, but would that be able to take a pounding from his satan punches? The only time I saw a good showing of it was in the anime and against Starjun, but Starjun's abilities makes it too easy to deal with. The only problem Sani would have is Toriko's outrageous cutting ability. But even then, It's up for grab. Id be willing to put Toriko up there by Zebura, but Coco just doesn't impress me anymore. Since the Regal Mammoth arc, he just started falling off to me. But im sure that Coco is going to beat Grinparch. Hoepfully it's something good to see

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@taichokage: Interesting, I see it as:

1. Zebra

2. Coco

3. Sani

4. Toriko

I have Coco higher due to bias of him being my favorite character. But in all seriousness, his hax is among the reasons for my ranking even though he has less feats among the others currently.

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