Who is the strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings?

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Hey fellow vicers I just started reading/watching toriko and I must say that it's a cool series so for those who are ahead of me please try not to ruin it for me thanks.

Ok so just as the title says who do you think is the strongest out of the 4 kings. I can't answer this because I have only seen what 3 of them can do. There will also be a bonus round , and in this round the 4 king team up 2 VS 2 then switch partners. Then it's a free for all


no prep , in character , everyone is at their strongest or full power , All 4 of them what to win no matter what

Location - Regal Island

Note - The only king that I don't know is zebra

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well, zebura is the strongest, he is recognized by the rest of them as the strongest because of his destructive capabilities

if this is a 2 vs 2 match the closest thing would be

toriko and coco vs zebura and sani (IMO coco is stronger than sani)

any other matchup would result in the win for zeburas team.

also if this is a battle royale zebura would end up winning since he is the strongest of the 4.

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@othus12: so who is 2nd , 3rd and 4th?

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@SMXLR8: IMO the tier would be like this

1.-zebura (best destructive power, fastest of them, highest stamina)

2.-toriko (second in destructive power, has great defense, great reaction time)

3.-coco or sani (coco has pretty dangerous attacks but sani has the greatest defense of the 4 kings) i really cant tell who's the strongest maybe coco because he has more hax

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I actually think Toriko is the weakest of all of them, every arc that he's been in with another of the Kings usually has them doing most of the work, and Toriko impresses them in some way with his growth but really it's his partner's strength that got them through. Example, Gourmet Pyramid Arc with Zebra, Puffer Fish arc with Coco leading the way (Coco could have defeated the Devil Serpent alone), Sani reflecting Toriko's best punch at Death falls, in the Regal Mammoth arc I'd argue that Toriko had the least dangerous fight, Sani had to deal with two enemies at once (and could have defeated the GT robo easily if it weren't for his thing against disgustingness) and Coco had to deal with a gigantic GT robo that was practically immune to his poison, they would have never gotten even to the VIP room without Coco at the Casino. Of course Toriko had a helping hand in all of those, but really I'd give most of the credit to his brethren in those examples. My tier list goes like this

1. Zebra/Coco

2. Sani

3. Toriko

I put Coco and Zebra together for two reasons, the first being how dangerous they are at all ranges, and the second being speed. As for being dangerous at all ranges well Zebra has the beat punch, and a plethora of voice attacks he can use ahead of time to trap people, make shields to protect himself, slice, rain meteor noise from the sky, can apparently create lightning through sound, and in super close range has the Death Voice. Coco may as well change his name to MC hammer cuz you can't touch this, his poison armor keeps anyone from touching him, can cover huge areas with poison, create swords and shoot poison from his arm like a gun and of course the hax mold spear. Zebra has attacks going at the speed of sound and can use jet voice to move not only himself but other people as we saw in the 4 Beast fight, and Coco of course has the mold spear which is near light speed and his vision gives him great perception and he has the reaction time to use it well.

Sani is just flat out stronger than Toriko is, I'd say in terms of lifting strength definitely, and in striking power I'd say he is too, however Toriko's striking techniques are more advanced and refined. He has amazing range, incredible defense, nearly invisible hairs that he can use to control your body movements too, Sani is really scary if you think about it. The only thing he truly lacks is speed, I'm not saying he isn't fast, but as fast as Coco and Zebra can attack? From what we've seen so far, nope.

Toriko is at the bottom for NOW, out of all the heavenly kings toriko is really the only one who's enhanced sense has not helped him in battle, not even once if I recall correctly. He's solved his problem of having short range with his knife and fork, those attacks have tremendous power HOWEVER, as we saw in the Gourmet Pyramid those attacks are not fast enough, Zebra commented that only his (zebra's) attacks could hit because they were at the speed of sound. When his attacks do hit they do serious damage of course, the problem is landing them, if you noticed in the Chiyo fight he didn't land a single solid hit on her, and she was greatly weakened. I do think Toriko's abilities will scale up eventually though, sort of like in a video game, he'll be better off late game >.>, nerdy example but you get the idea. His attacks are going to have a seriously huge area of effect as we have seen with his leg knife and cannon fork as he gets stronger and stronger, also if you noticed in the Four beast fight, Toriko was the only heavenly king to do any sort of real damage to the Four beast, while being pummeled by it no less.

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@YoungChief: are these spoilers? cause if they are where are the spoiler alert

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@SMXLR8 said:

@YoungChief: are these spoilers? cause if they are where are the spoiler alert

Well dude my bad but to answer your question I have to use spoilers to say how strong they are :(, I know you just started reading the series but you did ask, and I didn't want to leave a bare bones post just listing them off in order.

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@YoungChief: well I guess =/ though you do have a point also why are you calling me dude?

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@SMXLR8 said:

@YoungChief: well I guess =/ though you do have a point also why are you calling me dude?

I don't know, I uh, that's what I call everyone, I'm actually surprised I'm being asked this. Anyway I suggest you read the rest of the series and draw your own conclusions, then debate about it, it's definitely worth the read

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@YoungChief: you are really understimating toriko how about this

the puffer whale ill give it to you, coco could have cleared it alone

-regal mamooth arc: toriko fought with starjun which was by far the strongest user of those gt robos at the regal plateau

-sani would have been crushed by the rock if it wasnt for torikos power

-coco wouldnt have been able to complete the casino since he doesnt have the appetite to clear it

-zebura wouldnt have been able to get the mellow cola if it wasnt for toriko either

the truth is toriko has a more refined food honor and his ranged attacks have shown WAY more destructive power than both sani and coco, he has been shown to release more destructive power in a lesser amount of time, the only fast attack that coco has is his mold spear, and thats his best attack which he cant spam, toriko on the other hand can track gaoh with leg knife which is easier to release and considering how gaoh dodged light beams effortlessly id say that its as hard to avoid as the mold spear.

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True it was Starjun piloting the robot but there's no reason to believe that Sani and Coco wouldn't make short work of it, personally I believe he had the weakest model robot, out of the pilots yes he was the best but the robots were limited in what they can do and couldn't convey even a fraction of what he could do. True Sani would have been crushed but to me reflecting a punch that powerful and magnifying it's strength is more impressive than performing the punch to begin with, and they wouldn't have even gotten into the waterfall without Sani's hair raft. Hm true about the cola, but thinking about it now, I'd say that one should go to Komatsu really.

I agree with you that Toriko has more destructive power than Coco and Sani, however, Sani's offense is his defense, to me fork shield is not that great a defense because he has to take time to set it up, Sani's is always up and invisible at that, and I wouldn't say Sani's destructive power is far off from Toriko, he was able to knock back the Four Beast with a punch, as I said before I think Sani is stronger than Toriko but Toriko can probably destroy more because his attacks are designed to do so. I don't think Toriko tracked Gaoh, he said he used a boomerang knife, Gaoh was standing in the spot where Toriko wanted him to stand, he probably predicted how Gaoh would evade due to his experience in hunting animals. Gaoh didn't dodge light beams, he dodged laser beams from a satellite, impressive, but laser beams don't go at the speed of light, just massively hypersonic, unless the beams are stated to be Photon beams they aren't lightspeed in the slightest, and Gaoh also dodged the leg knife with ease, but there's nothing to say that the knife was as fast as those beams, basically Toriko didn't hit Gaoh due to Leg knifes speed, but rather because he used tactics and had it a bit distracted with that huge cannon fork he was preparing.

EDIT: I went back and read Toriko vs Gaoh, he did say his leg knife was a homing attack, but then called it a boomerang (!?!?!?! confusing) so I don't know what to think, I have no idea how he could control the knife unless Toriko is now a telekinetic, until we get more light on this ability I'm gonna go with it just being a boomerang like the attack is named.

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@YoungChief: actually the speed of a laser beam can vary, i may remind you that the humans in toriko are far more advanced than the humans from our world and of course i should be telling you this, there are lasers that have broken the speed of light alredy in real life and they managed to go at 300x lightspeed (its true), im being sensible and trying to say that that beam from the space station is at least lightspeed (considering how the humans from toriko are really more advanced ex: building skyscrapers twice as big as any earthly creation, or making touristic space flights for months without returning to earth,making stadiums that can hold the population of a big country etc, there are many many more feats which put them at least 100 years more advanced than us) and again, toriko managed to get gaoh not because of experience, but because of the refined movements that he got from food honor which managed to make the leg knife throwable like a boomerang (he launched the knife with such skill that it managed to return from behind) so even if its not as fast as light is at least as hard to dodge. sani just doesnt have enough reaction feats unlike toriko which managed to see through chiyos food honor and has shown precog-like reflexes and regarding starjun, he won because he ate the jewel meat, which increased his power dramatically, so at that point he surely had the hardest fight, the gt robo is only delayed 1ms regarding movement so of course the only one that complained was starjun himself (he stated that in .5 seconds he could have killed toriko 10 times at least)

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I'm just having a hard time believing that there are already beasts with light speed reaction time, personally I thought if anyone would have it, it would be the battle wolf, so I just didn't want to assume that the lasers were going at light speed, but you have a good point about their technology. I still think the main reason why the boomerang knife hit is because of Toriko's intelligence and skill in hunting animals, to me that's more impressive but idk, I was just going on what Zebra said back in the Gourmet Pyramid about how his attacks are much faster because they're at the speed of sound, and since then Toriko hasn't commented on his attacks being faster, but stronger, and even says that Gaoh would be able to dodge the leg knife with ease, I'm not saying they can't be much faster since Toriko has had a ton of power boosts since then but I just need confirmation, stuff like that is usually commented on.

Sani has had few fights so far really, I agree that he lacks speed feats but really his hair is so good he almost doesn't need em, I'm sure we'll see more from him in the future, his fights usually have him dominating his enemy or getting a beatdown (against 4 beast), he hasn't had a close battle yet like the other kings have. Speaking of Starjun I wonder how the next chapter is gonna go down, I'm not sure if Toriko is ready to fight him, that's the one thing about this manga that I love, its how a lot of characters are ominous and mysterious, for example Ichiryuu and Midora could be Superman level for all we know, they've been hyped up that much, Starjun too

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I would say the order goes:



3)Sani/Toriko tied.

BTW I doubt Starjun will fight Toriko in the next chapter as Kousairou is also there to protect the chefs.

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anyone else for this?

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There's not much to say really, everyone here is in agreement that Zebra is the strongest at least, to me there is no way Coco is at the bottom of the list, nooooooo, not after what we saw him pull in the Four beast arc, before that arc oh hell yeah I would have agreed. I think at some point they WILL fight, especially with Zebra around, it's inevitable, when is the question though lol. I don't think that many people read Toriko honestly, quite sad considering how awesome it is

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@YoungChief: its good to see that there are other toriko fans around....i wonder i fthey will really fight...ichiryuu said at some point that the thing that made them different from the bishokukai was that they could still "eat on the same table" so he was actually praising the bonds they shared. i dont know if they would fight at some point but for now that doesnt seem possible to me

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Yeah I thought about that too, maybe we'll get a scene of them sparring at least, that's possible I think. Hopefully the next chapter comes out today

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Bump, I know Zebra still the strongest but the others might have changed

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In my mind its 1. Zebra 2. Sani 3. Toriko 4. Coco. However Coco is the only one we haven't seen much of at current strength. I've felt that the bottom 3 have swapped places a few times throughout the series, with Zebra being the consistent strongest.
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