Who has the strongest fodder in the HST?

Topic started by ImDictatorBowDown on June 14, 2013. Last post by supernova7005 1 year, 6 months ago.
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Not armies facing each other, just individual fodder of each respective verse. Examples, Anbu, Gillians, Random Pirates, ect...

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I think One Piece does because of their high durability

Bleach falls under Naruto, the low ranked Shinigamis are such fodder characters in the series, it's not even funny.

Maybe the same with the Anbu

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@5th: He is also counting the menos grande from Bleach, not just the random shinigami

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Depends on by fodder you mean low or mid tier.

If it's mid tier than it's OP > Naruto > Bleach.

If it's low tier, than switch Bleach and Naruto.

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one piece. damn elite marines can even get a hit or two on luffy

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One thing that should be clear is that Soul Society fodder are the worst bunch of fodder one has ever seen. They literally don't do anything. In fact if I recall the main power of Gotei 13 are the captains mainly. Not their underlings. 
This also makes you wonder how these bunch of 6000+ soul society fodder can manage a world of few billion people.
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I'd say it's between OP and Bleach. One Piece fodder are pretty much fodder all around except for one aspect. Their durability. And their resilience for that matter. It can actually be very difficult to kill a One Piece character. And Bleach fodder often have abilities like shunpo and fly by default, and some know kido as well. The hollow fodder might be even better because they are mammoth creatures with super strength and durability by default, or stronger fodder like memos grande are actually not that weak at all. Naruto fodder have more techniques and strategic skill but ultimately are weak compared to the other 2 world's fodder. Physically much weaker than the other 2.
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God tiers: Naruto > Bleach > OP

High/Top tiers: Bleach > Naruto > OP

Mid/Low/Shit tiers: OP > Bleach > Naruto

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