Who can stand against "D"?

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Rey Yan

Kyoya Izayoi

Capricorn Shura (Excaliber is his sword which is made out of pure energy, and yes he has had vast amounts of training with it)


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Rey-Yan is another good one. His sword skills improved over the series. But the only reasons he wins is same as Tenchi basically; God-hax. =P When you beat the creator of your own universe, you're over-qualified for the job. Also I know for a fact that before Rey-Yan the Cosmic Armor deal when facing off with the Sorcerer King, he flew up from the ground to block a lightning attack directed at another. Normally it's all hogwash with lightning-speed, but the Cursed Sword series has been pretty consistent with their speed and power upgrades.
As for Kyoya and Capricorn, I can't say. I've never heard of Kyoya. I may have heard something about Shura, but nothing that suggests a win for him. And Energy Swords don't mean much. 'specially not to people who can cut Space and, well, pretty much anything else for that matter. "D" has also absorbed vast, near limitless quantities of Life Energy from another realm to pierce a door of infinite size, thickness and mass, and force it open.
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THis teaches me; I need to watch D: xD
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No, you need to READ "Vampire Hunter D". Only way you get the good stuff.
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End of discussion.
End of discussion.
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@justanormalguy: mihawk is fodder to D

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Mihawk: I can cleave entire ships in twain.
"D": ...I shattered a quasi-black hole with one swing of my sword.
"Mihawk:...Ok now that's just bullshit! WTF!! How can he do this shit?! Oh god F@%((! DAMNIT!!
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@ReiKai: Tenchi from Tenchi muyo uses swords

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Go look at page 4. We covered Tenchi already.
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@ReiKai: shit, then Bobopatchigler. with his high-tier toon force, D stands for dead.

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Not a swordsman. Just a whacky character.
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Lucifer from supernatural

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"D" has smacked down stronger adversaries who weren't vampires. Super Natural is pretty low grade stuff.
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@ReiKai: you dear mock the "sword of don patch"
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I know i'm just bumping an old thread, but....

What about Hao Asakura from Shaman King?

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Regarding Capricorn Shura, Shura can beat D; technically he is a swordsman (stated to be a master), but his attack is more a kick or arm swipe sharpened into a blade with his cosmo and it cuts through pretty much anything as well, even effecting intangible ghost like beings. Since all Gold Saints have the seventh sense they can move much faster than the speed of light and exert enough power to destroy a star at the very least. Gemini Saga's signature attack might be able to even destroy a galaxy. The saints have a lot of crazy feats.

Then, there are the ones who mastered the eighth sense who can rebuild their bodies back from absolutely nothing and resurrect. The speeds of the saints are insane, with some of them crossing galactic distances in an instant and others keeping up with them just fine. I would put put them under the Flash but above Post-Crisis Superman in terms of speed.

Ebony Hyperion, from Episode G, probably would count since his soma is in the shape of a giant broad sword. The Titans are above Gold Saints but they are not at their strongest because of the seals put on them by Zeus. Ebony can only use his sword when restricted by just one seal, so I'll assume he's at that stage.

At that level he can create a small universe with his Dunamis (basically Cosmo, but of a higher quality) and the Dunamis is something all Titans have which lets them warp reality and manipulate energy and matter down to the atomic level. Ebony uses his powers in conjunction with the sword, and has cut through the attacks of Gold Saints and even the attacks of Pontus, a primordial god who's older and more powerful than he is.

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There is also Ryuho from S-Cry-Ed, in the third stage of his Alter's evolution. He is ridiculously fast, going in and out of the earth's atmosphere in seconds, has enough raw power to decimate countries and his crystal sword can cut through reality and into another dimension. He can also fly and survive in the empty vacuum of space.

EDIT: Ryuho might be able to beat D in a fight because of his superior movement speed and his powerful energy blade attacks. He could probably spam D with those attacks. If D really has those high-end hypersonic reactions to possibly relativistic reactions (if the laser claims are true), that combined with hand's ability to absorb massive amounts of energy (nukes, super particle beams) he might be able to absorb the energy attacks. Ryuho still has the advantage in raw power and endurance, being able to tank country sized explosions and dish out damage on someone of equal durability (Kazuma) with physical blows and cutting attacks. So, there's that as well.

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That's called movement speed. Also, "D" throws things faster than that. Plus, Ryuho and co could only break into the same dimension where the powers Originate from. Which means they're linked to it. So, not impressive. And btw, in case you didn't know (which you clearly don't), Nobles and thus Dhampirs don't need to breathe. So saying "Oh he can breathe in space!" is quite meaningless, especially since "D" would kill him.
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Yiagirobe,roronoa zorro and shiryu all together.....

kirisute gomen

a cross in the tombstone....

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