Who can stand against "D"?

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Kuwabara! :)

He can cut through space and dimensions. *winks*

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Kuwabara is one of the most unskilled and slowest figures around. And it's a special energy sword he produces that can do that. "D" can already do that and regularly kills people a lot faster than Kuwabara.
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 Demon Eyes Kyo
 Demon Eyes Kyo

He's several times faster than Chinmei who casually dodged lightning. Kyo also casually tanked flames in the excess of 10,000 degrees or a multi city block level blast. Via powerscaling he should be multi city block level in destructive capacity and likely can survive being frozzen down to absolute zero. As for techniques he has Suzaku which is an attack which homes on target, coming back even faster every time it was dodged. In addition Suzaku cannot be stopped, it can escape blackholes or any attempt made to immobilize it. Even if it's "killed" Suzaku returns even stronger. Aside from Suzaku he has Byakko which - if dodged - ensares the opponent in a barrier of wind and pulls in the enemy for Kyo's next attack. There's also Seiryu which attacks the enemy from all directions and traps them in a wind barrier, free for Kyo to strike them down. Kyo also has Genbu which is a shield which after blocking the enemy's attack traps the opponent in a barrier of wind, so strong it distorts space and generates an alternate dimension. Kyo can use all four of these attacks in rapid succession, even summoning all four spirits at once. His strongest attack is Koryou which descends like a pilar of light and generates a deep crater similar to a meteor impact. Kyo can cast as many as 3 of these at once while he also summons the 4 spirits of Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryuu and Genbu.
In short Kyo's pretty strong. He may not be as hax as D but makes up for that by sheer power and technique.
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D's left hand consumes the Four Elements. By doing so, D becomes empowered. D's name and presence is so powerful alone, that even the strongest of the Greater Nobility fear him. And with good reason. Even Count Broujou, who can withstand a drop from the Stratosphere with minimal damage, is more afraid of D's skill with a sword than facing down Lawrence Valcua, the one called the Ultimate Noble, whom Broujou himself could not defeat, even with the aid of two other Nobles. One of whom was General Gaskell, who is counted among the strongest of the Greater Nobility.
"D" does not require special techniques to win. His ability alone defies all laws of physics. Sonic Blade attacks launched at him from the Red Knight in "The Rose Princess" were deflected with a mere sweep of his sword. Materials and substances known for their invulnerability or near indestructibility, have been cut clean through by "D", who used no more than a Regular Steel Longsword. "D" even cut free a piece of Reality Itself in "The Stuff of Dreams" to defeat the Noble trapping him within its Dream World. A Noble Necromancer shot gouts of flame at "D", who split the flames themselves down the middle with his sword, leaving him unscathed.
"D" has allowed a 100thousand volt current run through his body, acting as a conduit, to power the shields of a floating town, and has been struck with 100billion volts of lightning by one of Vlad Balazas' servants, and come out almost completely unscathed. "D" has even devoured a small tactical nuclear device in his palm via "Left Hand". "D" has even been put under multiple gravity conditions within a field with endless scores of zombies attacking him, not a one laying a single blow despite more than 10x gravity weighing him down. Even Blind, "D" deflected lasers with his sword back at Roland, the Duke of Xenon, in "Dark Road".
Sheer power is meaningless to "D". In "Twin Shadowed Knight", "D" was absorbing the Infinite Life Energy of a dimension to pierce a door of infinite size, mass and thickness, and force it open with no more than a sword thrust. He can cut space itself, or even Repair it, as needed. "D" has such skill with a sword, he can cut a man in such a way as to place him within a Death-like state, cold bodied, clammy skinned, without a pulse or even a breath, and the person will remain this way Indefinitely, unless "D" makes a reverse cut to revive him.
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How fast is D?

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Like I said, "D" deflected a laser blind. In the VHD series, lasers are as fast as they're supposed to be. His reaction times have been consistently between sub-light and lightspeed+. Essentially, he's been as fast as he needed to be given the situation.
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@ReiKai: When did D deflect a laser?
All I know his insane throwing feat and the time he intercepted a lightning strike.
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@willyvereb: It is times like these I don't mind the OBD for help. :P
It looks like the guy is highly hypersonic in reaction time yet the laser cutting being a rumor within the world of the novels.
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"D" deflected the laser facing Roland in "Dark Road". Prior to that he'd done so in "Tale of the Dead Town", which is also when he cut the lightning in half.

Vampire Hunter D Vol.4 "Tale of the Dead Town"
Bowing and excusing himself, the physician did an about face. Just above him, there was a flash of silvery light. A bolt of lightning that was about to strike his head was split in half, and the fragments twitched on the ground. Completely oblivious to what had happened, Dr. Tsurugi raced off.

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@Dream said:
@ReiKai: Lightning is significantly slower than the speed of light.
That's only one example of D's speed. Also, the circumstances are different. First off, lightning slows before it touches ground. Lowest clouds are 6000ft or higher in the air. "D" was on a floating town, so he was standing roughly 200ft off ground-level. At this point, the town was traveling through a canyon called "Electromagnetic Pass", where this is a permanent Electromagnetic Storm that constantly discharges lightning throughout the entire way. That starts anywhere between 800-1000ft in the air, which is a considerably shorter distance for Lightning to travel, thus making it faster. So, the distance between the point of origin of the lightning and where "D" intercepted it was anywhere between 600-800ft. Lightning actually travels at the speed of light Initially, but is slowed as the charge travels from one particle to the next and most often drops down to about 1/3rd lightspeed by the time it reaches the ground. Given the much shorter distance that it had to travel, the bolt of lightning can be estimated anywhere between 1/2 to 2/3rds the speed of light by the time "D" struck it.
Would you not agree that is a reasonable explanation given the evidence? And either way, as I said, this was only one such example of his speed, and we have already seen Destroyer-Vince disperse an FTL attack from the Big Bang Generator in "Pale Fallen Angel".
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@ReiKai: @ReiKai: how about yu post all these feats of D instead of talking about them.

as for your argument against Sdk characters. they defy the laws of physics on a daily basis....being feared an d considered being the most powerful in your own verse means jack shit in another verse. post some durability feats from him.

post destructive feats from him.

what is the most he regened from?

can he tank below absolute zero attacks?

can he resist amped gravity?

can he prevent himself from being sealed?

can he tank fire hotter than the hottest white flames??

post some feats please because as far as im concerned he'd be mid tier in SDK at best.

oh and akabane is from getbackers

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@FormerCrimsonKing: You're talking to a guy who likes to take things way out of proportion with feats like claiming LHW having multiversal durability or Broly being capable of destroying a galaxy.
I don't personally know how D is from the novels. But I do have information that isn't coming from a biased source like Raigen.
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@Dream: well damn he's pretty freakin powerful lol.....i take it back...no one in sdk could take him...

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@FormerCrimsonKing: Nah,D's still lacking in terms of movement speed.
He's another testament of anti-hax and has the powers of the Left Hand but for one D lacks the durability to take Kyo's raw attack power. He would be caught with either Seiryu  or Byakko. Suzaku cannot be imprisoned or absorbed either.
Perhaps, D has some broken moves at close range. So if it ever comes down to close quarters combat then D has a better chance to win. It's especially true since in the later novels D can casually do dimensional slashes...something which Kyo has no protection against.
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@willyvereb: so how effective would mizuchi be on D? also, how great is his regen? can he regen from being cut to pieces or having his head cut off

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@FormerCrimsonKing: I don't remember because it's somehow rare to "see" D getting hurt.
Although I believe he can't handle being blow to bits.
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VHD Vol2 "Raiser of Gales", "D" gets struck by an energy being capable of obliterating hundreds of tons of solid stone, and there was no visible injury after the attack, though he was hurt. So, "D" is exceedingly durable when it comes to blunt/kinetic force. "D" has been injured, but many of those instances involve such things as; "D" being weakened by Sun Sickness, Water, being off-guard while facing another powerful opponent, Intentionally taking a blow in order to discern how that particular figures abilities function, and to keep his Employer at the time from being killed.
And really, FCK, don't get people started. How could anyone listen to the guy who claimed Kyo could beat the Silver Surfer? Seriously dude, how about providing your own evidence first? I already have the Novels and can quote them.

Vampire Hunter D Vol.5 "The Stuff of Dreams" Page 166-167
Ten feet lay between the two of them. D would be a heartbeat too late to do anything about the stake gun
Sheriff Krutz pulled the trigger. The pressurized gas cylinder inside the firing mechanism gave the one-pound stake a speed of twenty-three hundred feet per second, but it was struck down before D's chest by a silvery flash of light. As the saying went, D's sword could cut down a laser beam.

That's a very low-end feat. The engagement against Larmica was much faster.

VHD Vol. 1 pg. 31:
"Before she'd finished speaking, a streak of white light shot towards her breast from D's left hand. In fact, it was a foot long needle he'd taken out at some point and thrown faster than the naked eye could follow. It was made of wood. As it traveled at that unfathomable speed, the needle burned from the friction of the air, and the white light was from those flames."

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@ReiKai: undreds of tons of stone is large building level+, maybe low end city block level at best. Also didn't D wasn't amped by the power of the Left Hand while performing the said feat.
In a regular battle D starts out in base. And as we saw it multiple times it really doesn't take much for SDK characters to release a huge omnidirectional blast to obliterate their opposition.Kyo could easily replicate Nobunaga's feat and obliterate D in the process. Or if he uses the Left Hand Kyo can spam Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryu to overwhelm D from all directions.
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You misread. Not stone, Solid stone. That's far more than a small building dude. Think of a stone block used in building a Pyramid. Average weight of those was 2 1/2 tons. Think of having a hundred of those hit you at once at terminal velocity. And btw, no. "D" was not empowered by the Four Elements at that time. He only did that a while earlier when breaking out of a sealed dimension.
Omnidirectional is quite meaningless. He only needs to open the space before him and the attack will go around him completely. Kyo spamming attacks is just idiotic. "D" can just consume it and will become more and more powerful. Given he can already cleave Space, bitchslap Physics and rape the laws of our universe, making him more powerful is not exactly an intelligent move. Thinking it'd overwhelm him is even more of a foolish thought. 

Vampire Hunter D Vol.5 "The Stuff of Dreams" Page 164
"This time we'll be using these," dozens of mounted Harold images declared in unison, showing the weapons they had in their right hands: rough wooden stakes. "I hear these things work just dandy on dhampirs, too. And just so you know, we're all real. If there're a hundred of us, we'll drive a hundred stakes into you. Except we're gonna do it a little differently. Like this!"
Streaks of white light flew from the right hands of a few of them. As the whirling stakes rained down on him from horseback, D became a black wind and dashed into action.
Perhaps the images of Harold in the foremost row knew what they were doing as they called out to attack in low voices, each with a stake in one hand. The question remained: what would happen when the lone beautiful figure collided with the countless black ones?
If Harold's plan had a single miscalculation, it was from experience rather than the lack of it -- and conjectures he'd made about D's speed and strength with a sword based on their previous battle. None of the wooden stakes the false images brought down met anything but air. Everytime the black shape moved between them like a mystic bird with the hem of his coat flashing out around him, countless Harold images were cut in half, merging with the air as they vanished.
Less than twenty seconds later, D stood motionless and alone on the clear, moonlit ground.

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