Who can defeat thanos?

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just wondering who you guys think from both comicc and anime can beat thanos. after looking at some scans he seems unbeatable so just wondering who can beat him

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Molecule man,pre retcon beyonder,SS Docter Strange maybe,any high level reality warper

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PR-Beyonder can beat. Thanos is the Avatar of Death though. Everyone else on that list loses. At this point you'd need universe-level or better to take on Thanos.
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@ReiKai: Meant PR Molecule Man as well

Classic Doctor Strange can beat Thanos

Any High level Reality warpers like Adult/young Franklin Richards whos power rivaled that of a celestial.

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Classic Doc, still no. And Reality Warping =/= Overpowering Death. Thanos himself already has some reality-warping powers and used them to force his way into the Realm of All Gods where only the universal abstracts like Eternity, Death and such can go.
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@ReiKai: Classic Doctor Strange has defeated the In-Betweener and stalemated Adam Warlock with the IG

Survived a supernova's change into a blackhole, he takes control over it and corks it.

He has also stopped time and willed it to reverse

He has defeated Galactus and he can become the Avatar of Eternity however it requires meditation

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Still Thanos over Strange. As the Avatar of Death he cannot be killed by any means. Avatar of Eternity is nice but Eternity and Death are both abstracts. It would take someone stronger than an abstract to overrule Death's influence as no other abstract or anyone below can control Death more than Death itself (and that list is very small). Even though guys like Galactus whom Strange has managed to defeat may be overall more powerful, they cannot overpower Thanos' ultimate hax which is the inability to die. Even without that ability I remember an issue where Thanos warped Strange away through space and time, showing that without time to cast or focus and/or prep, Strange appeared to be inferior. As for who can beat him, Beyonder, Molecule Man, Living Tribunal, Death and possibly Sise Neg from Marvel. From DC, maybe the Spectre (need to brush up because no other names come to mind.) From Shonen Jump, or any anime, Kami Tenchi and not a whole lot of others.
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He didn't stalemate IG Warlock. Also, Warlock divided the IG into the separate gems shortly after the Infinity Gauntlet arc. What you just pulled is from the "What If" series which is non-canon. Also, Thanos bitchsmacked the In-Betweener. Not that hard to do. In-B is only as powerful as Chaos/Order decide to make him. And if they felt that Doc Strange was better suited to the task of maintaining balance, then In-B gets debuffed.
Another point; Warlock w/IG =/= Thanos w/IG. Thanos can blink Doc Strange out of existence with it, and has already shown he can stomp all the Marvel Cosmics who aren't the Living Tribunal. Case in point; Warlock sucks with the IG. He's not mentally stable enough for it, which is why he accidentally created a Reborn Magus and The Goddess shortly after he put it on and he was completely unaware that he did it. The only reason Thanos didn't wrestle with Warlock to get it back was because Thanos ultimately didn't want to be God anymore. And it was pointed out several times that of Thanos had not wished to lose, they never could've beaten him.
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@ReiKai: How about Phoenix force,Cyttorak,Mad Jim Jasper,Superman(Thought Robot),Zues(Marvel),Odin,Darkseid,The One above all(Celestial) or Superman Prime 1M?

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Like I said, you need someone Universe+ now because Thanos is the Avatar of Death. He literally killed the Cancer-verse the instant Death was reinstated there. That included drawing in all the Cancer-verse denizens invading the Marvel 616 universe and killing/destroying them in a collapsing universe. That includes the Galactus-Engine.
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Gold Experience Requiem, Stairway to Heaven, Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap from Jojo's bizarre adventure. It is an amazing manga and some of the stands are godlike.

Gold Experience Requiem:

Ability: Nullification of Action and Effect: Gold Experience Requiem's ability is to turn anything, including his opponent's attack and willpower, back to the state of "zero". Hence, it is near invincible, as all "supposed" actions created by an opponent would have been reset (back to point zero). It is mentioned by Giorno himself that he is unsure of the exact workings and limits of Requiem's powers, but it has been shown that its range of influence extends from finger beams, surface contact, and to even being in the mere attention of Requiem. Requiem also appears to have a consciousness of its own that is unknown to Giorno. If the opponent is "killed" by the stand itself, then they will also continuously experience death, as they will die but repeatedly return to point "zero" this ability turns Giorno essentially untouchable by anything that would try to hurt him and is perhaps the strongest defense in the series.

  • Life Giver: Gold Experience is capable of changing inorganic objects into living organisms. A pen can be turned into a snake, a bullet into a beetle and so on. Giorno frequently produces small life forms (frogs, snakes, flies) and plants which he apparently has control over. When any of these are attacked indiscriminately, the creation will not be harmed, and instead the attacker receives the amount of pain they would have inflicted.
  • Life Shot: Gold Experience's ability can also be applied to living individuals, causing their thought processes to greatly accelerate. This was employed in battles to cause enemies to lose temporal coordination of their bodies (the body cannot catch up with the mind). This also increases and amplifies the reception of the senses in one's body. For example, any pain that is felt would seem to last longer than usual due to the heightened senses.

Transmogrification: Later on, Giorno developed (or discovered) Gold Experience's ability to produce organic components of the body (e.g. transforming bullets stuck in someone's body into the very blood vessels and organs they destroyed) - evidently, these transformations are permanent.

Infinite speed.

Stairway to Heaven:


  • Time Acceleration: Stairway to Heaven has the ability to control the gravitational forces of the earth, moon and possibly the entire universe. As gravity changes, Stairway to Heaven is able to speed up the flow of time while preventing any living being from catching up, with the exception of its user, Enrico Pucciand God.
  • Universal Reset: As time continues to travel, the universe will hit the vanishing point, and a new universe will be created where everything repeats itself accordingly to "fate". The stand's user may then alter things and create the perfect world they desire. Anyone that is killed by this stand in the previous universe will not cease to exist, but simply replaced by a similar substitute, though Pucci states that their souls and personalities will have been erased

When the user of the stand is killed, the universe resets again into an alternate timeline.

Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap:

Destructive PowerA
Developmental PotentialA


  • Dimension Hopping: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap allows different parallel worlds/dimensions to co-exist at the same time and/or in the same place. It also allows its user to visit these parallel worlds/dimensions and interact with them. Valentine travels by being closed between two objects. Liquid materials such as water count as objects as well.

Valentine can even pull other people to other dimensions by forcing them between two objects. Valentine usually performs the latter by slamming a door on them while they are backed against a wall. However, as no two versions of the same person can co-exist in the same dimension, one of them will have to go back into their own. If not, if they get too close to each other, both will crumble and will be split into several of cubes. This rule does not apply to Funny Valentine as he has D4C.

If Funny Valentine becomes injured, he can hop into another dimension and move his consciousness to the body of that dimension's Funny Valentine, thus nullifying all his wounds. This ability makes him nigh invincible, since the only way to truly defeat him is to kill him with one blow. Furthermore, he can summon his alternate selves into his dimension to outnumber his opponents, each of which also has its own D4C.

  • D4C - Love Train: An ability given to Valentine from Lucy's Stand. Her body generates a gap in space that sends misfortune elsewhere, leaving only good fortune. Using D4C, Valentine can enter this space, causing any attack aimed at him to be directed at someone else across the globe. This makes Valentine effectively invincible. It apparently allows him to easily travel along the ground, shown when he pursues Johnny and Gyro under the train tracks, and across a grassy field. Due to Lucy's stand's ability, objects continuesly move closer to her, including trees, signs, and even the oceans. These shifts in position seem to favor Valentine.

Besides being invincible to attacks while within the gap in space, D4C can make even its most insignificant attacks fatal. Any wound would rise up the body and eventually reach a vital spot before dealing damage. A scratch or bite on the finger can became a scratch on the heart.

This ability can only be used a certain distance from Lucy, so if she is moved, then he is forcibly pulled with her. However, gravity is constant for Valentine when he travels between dimensions, making it a power capable of traveling with Valentine that can affect him inside the gap. This keeps him from breaking into pieces and becoming scattered across the different worlds.


Also Keep in mind that a Stand's power is absolute, no one without a Stand can see, sense, touch, resist, or interact with anyone's stand however the stand can do whatever they want to them, even ghost and spirits are able to be effected by stands, the only thing is Jojo that does not have a Stand yet can interact with Stands is God. In the Jojo series, Spirits, ghost, even aliens from other planets could not see or do anything to Stands. Also a Stand's ability activates near instantly and some Stands (As shown above) have a will of their own. Thanos does not really have much defense for any of that.

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I was thinking along the lines of Superman Prime and Rune King Thor. Hell, maybe even the Flash as well with all his hax. He may be able to BFR Thanos into the Speed Force.

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Thanos is the Avatar of Death, a Universal/Multiversal Abstract. As such he cannot Die or be rendered non-existent. Everything you just mentioned is effectively nullified by this fact alone. Also Thanos has often traveled to and traversed across multiple dimensions. Even when Death was angry at him, he could still pop into Death's Realm unnoticed by her (at least not for a while) and have a lil convo with the Infintiy Well.
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@Kurohige: what show are they from?

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@SMXLR8: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, parts 5, 6, and 7. It's an amazing manga, the story and characters are all so awesome, and the good guys are always so outmatched and have to find ways to beat the overpowered villains. It's currently on part 8 right now, I am waiting for new chapters, defiantly check it out starting from part 1.

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@ReiKai: Doesn't matter, he doesn't need to die anyway. He can simply be reset or sent to another reality or outside of reality (Not dimension or universe) all together considering the first guy can exist outside time,space, and reality. not only that but a Stand's power is absolute, only God could do anything do them. Either way, anything Thanos does will be set to zero so he couldn't do much to them in the first place offensively as even will, physical, mental, and anything else he does will be set to zero. Also if Thanos is sent away by a Stand he can't do anything about it from that sole fact that he does not have a Stand himself, he couldn't even resist it.

Gold Experience Requiem...a stand that can set an opponent's powers and willpower to zero; not to mention that its ability can be activated during time that doesn't exist (in other words, it can't be speed blitzed). It activated in a situation where time literally didn't even exist. Gold Experience Requiem nullifies an opponent's actions and/or will, and can cancel any action of the opponent even while it's happening or after it's happened (as he did with Diavolo's time cut). It's basically reality warping strong enough to reset time being literally erased.

After being hit by the stand, his opponent repeatedly experienced death while still being unable to act. It was stated that the victim had nowhere else to go and would never be able to grasp reality. Not only does it warp reality, it can knock opponents out of reality! Giorno's final words on the matter: "Never-ending is an ending! This is Gold Experience Requiem!" it makes much more sense to think that GER's ability simply took no time at all to take effect. This makes even more sense when you see that his speed is listed as none. His staying power is also listed as none, but is actually infinite, that is to say the effect of the stand can last forever (as I already stated). Given that he reacted to King Crimson's ability in 0 seconds, and that "none" apparently means infinite in one of the stats Truth be told though, GER's words are another possibility: "Whoever stands before me, no matter what ability he has...will not be able to take action!"

Thanos with the UN or Infinity Gauntlet take this but not regular Thanos. Literally, the concept of time and death are nullified to GER. This is not even fanboyism, this is straight from the manga.

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That is only assuming they can affect him to begin with. Thanos has stepped outside reality before. Traversing dimensions is easy for him. He can go pretty much anywhere he wants, from Death's Realm to the Realm of All Gods or even the Nexus of all Realities.
The problem I'm seeing is the "Only God or those with Stands can resist" which doesn't really fly. Thanos has cosmic abilities and awareness, has been dead twice, and is the most intelligent the MU has ever produced. The only one who may have ever actually gotten the better of Thanos when Thanos was trying, would be TOAA. And not the Celestial one. And Thanos has shown in "Imperative", that he can kill anything, even bring Permanent Death to beings in a universe where Death didn't exist. That's what started the Cancer-verse, with psuedo-celestial entities that exist between universes turning Mar-Vell into an evil bastard who was given the means to kill Death. And the instant that Death was restored to the Cancer-verse, Thanos ended it. In that singular instant, all life in the Cancer-verse ended.
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@ReiKai: The problem with all that is even though Thanos himself stepped outside of reality, GER would have prevented him from ever coming back, that is the absolute power of the Stand, having cosmic awareness does not matter as in part 4 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure there is a ghost girl from the afterlife that can tell when anyone on earth has died as well as cross dimensions between the living world yet even she cannot see or resist a Stand, this is even stated by the character Rohan, the manga, and the creator himself. You simply can't resist a Stand if you don't have one, you can only feel the effect of one, but even being aware wont help as we already had spiritually aware ghost. Even if Thanos died twice once he is effected by GER he will continue to die and live at the same time endlessly, as death is negated. Thano's ability would still be set to zero, even bringing death to a universe, as GER can exist outside of reality anywhere, death on a universal scale doesn't really matter it would be negated before it even happened. Both the power and the will would be set to Zero. Even Highway to Heaven which can reset the universe would not even effect GER. Considering time, death, everything can be set to zero by GER, Thanos hopping dimensions would only be negated, all these abilities take place in literally no time at all. I really don't see Thanos being able to do anything to GER let alone all three or the above at the same time as literally everything he does or wants to do will simply not happen and he has infinite speed or no speed to be exact.

Like I said; with the Infinity gauntlet or the UN Thanos takes this easily, but regular Thanos isn't doing anything. Odin was able to take that guy on. And I think those are different versions anyway.

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@ReiKai said:

Thanos is the Avatar of Death

Nope, ever since Deadpool's been tappin dat bone. not that it makes him any less of a threat, but he can't snap his finger to make someone die now.

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@Killer_of_trolls: That too, hence why I brought up the Infinity gauntlet or the UN as only those would allow him to do that and more.. I can't believe I forgot that. XD This reminds me to go pick up some new isssues of Blue Beetle and check out Extermination.

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