What is the strongest Dragon Ball character that Naruto can beat?

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@taichokage said:

" @Hellos: I don't even see how it matters if the power cosmic is magic or not. Weather it is or not it changes nothing in this forum."

One wonders why you have to directly choose to point me out and not, NewDeath, KingOfSnipers, JThree.  
You know the usual gang that has all bothered to argue with this clown about as to why the Power Cosmic isn't magic or related to the occult. 
As for why it matters, generally when people see someone lieing, they want to correct the source of miss information.  
Toxic is such a person with a ridiculous lie, a poorly stitched together arugment based on nothing outside two sentence posts from users on other sites and spamming of wiki links that don't support what they saying. 
Now I already know it's pointless to argue with him, it's why I'm telling Sniper to don't bother and yes this is increasingly off topic.  
Feel free to ride away with your horse or continue this in PMs if you'd like. 
Now watch very carefully as I ignore him and he goes away. Everyone do that.
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Again prof that you cannot read. What do you mean i shouldn't claim your delusional, you claim that i am someone else. What should i start calling you paranoid now.

 Do you not understand what it means that its on the same coin. 
You take PC out of MU vers its magic, its not its own entity when you take it out of MU. 

  Yes and where did this debate sprout upon. Oh yes, a non MU vers character with a MU vers character. Is this concept really hard to grasp?
If it was 2 Mu vers characters i wouldn't even have said PC was Magic, but the problem is it wasn't.   
Please are you really going to say its not magic out of MU vers.
You do know your arguing with the literary term. Should i remind you it has a very vague term.
Care to explain how its not magic out of its own vers for a change.
Also since we're taking PC out of its own vers, care to explain why it shares the same concept with magic?
" two sides of the same coin" 
 Thats magic in MU vers, not the general meaning. I don't ever recall that i use MU logic, i tend to use real life logic.
In MU vers, Yes its not magic, but the thing is, we're not using 2 characters from MU, thus we have to generalize it and its called magic. 
@KingOfSnipers:  Again explain how its not magic. Those scans that Hellos posted did not prove it was not magic. If anything it just further proved it was magic. 
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kid goku is stronger than tao. therefore tao's punches do not affect goku like they affect inanimate object, same goes for his throwing power, as goku's constitution would allow him to gain control of his body in the air before it goes nearly as far as a tree branch. as for Naruto, I'd say he might be able to beat the World Tournament announcer.
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Beware of O.T.I.O.'s
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@TrouserSnake91 said : as for Naruto, I'd say he might be able to beat the World Tournament announcer. 
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piccolo jr

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@xlab3000: You just bumped it -,-

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So why was this bumped?? lol

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