What character tier does Soun Tendo belong to?

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I would prefer to post this here but there has been no activity there in weeks so I figure I have a better chance of gettign my question answered here. I am trying to figure out what character tier the Ranma 1/2 character Soun Tendobelong to. To save time, I will quote the relevant part of the article here

"As a former student of Happosai, Soun is in perfect shape, frequently fights wearing full traditional samurai armor, and is skilled at both hand to hand combat and handling a wide variety of archaic weaponry. He's been able to reach a draw against Ranma in serious bokken fighting, and has repeatedly kept the latter on the defensive when chasing him in a wrathful mood (though in the latter cases Ranma may simply have felt obliged to not retaliate, due to being provided with food and room at Soun's expense). He's usually effortlessly beaten by Happosai, but there have been a few confrontations between them where he's come across as quite formidable. "

I hope this will help. thanks in advance.

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