What are Logia limits?

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As many of know, I have a lot of questions regarding One Piece and Logia users. Today's question is: What are the Limit's of Logia users intangibility?

More specifically, How: strong (power wise), hot (obvious), and range (scale, I.E. obliteration) example- Atomic bomb, MOAB, Bijuu Dama, Energy Blasts?

  1. Strong-
  2. Hot-
  3. Range-
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@ridtom2: depends on the type of logia. the most powerful seems to be the one of kizaru

it can surely take a nuke like explosion as we saw on one piece Z and it took it without effort. im guessing that after low country he gets doomed.

range well maybe multi island.

and power wise he seems to be multi city block or something around it.

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From whats been shown their intangibility is completely immune to physical damage outside of haki and the elemental disadvantages(such as ace being susceptible to water and magma), and aokiji being susceptible to heat)

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only peeps that can possibly survive a nuke or a Bijuu-Dama in their logia forms are Kizaru and Enel due to the fact that their logia natures are the most intangible.

The rest have limits at the upper end of city or mountain level.

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All logia except maybe blackbeard if he doesn't absorb it can take a bijuu dama. Akainu lost an entire side of his body and regenerated it with ease. Outside of natural element limitations and haki they have no limit or there has been none stated or shown save for i guess if a black hole devours them or something completely erases their entirety in an instant.

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Ehh I'd have to disagree. Kizaru and Enel sure. Maybe Ace and Akainu as well, but things like sand have a natural limit. It can be dispersed and nothing will happen to Crocodile, but sand unlike light and lightning for example can be melted or evaporated with enough heat. A biju dama or nuke would likely kill Crocodile but not harm Kizaru or Enel.
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Atomic destruction
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