Vote For The Best Battle User of August 2014 (Last Voting Thread)

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Welcome to the August 2014's poll! You can vote for any user based on your preferences. The cut off date is August 8, 2014 at 4PM Pacific Time.


  • You can't vote for yourself.
  • You can't vote for banned users.
  • You cannot vote for past winners until it has passed 4 months for them. It's out of fairness and to spotlight other users.
  • You can only vote once.
  • Please make sure your criticism is respectful. While praising others and pointing out their flaws, make sure you don't disrespect them.
  • You can't vote for mods.
  • If you're going to change your vote, don't do it at the last day. In the last contest, it was hard to accept the change in the last moment in due respect for the other candidates.
New Rule: Due to Kurohige's thread being on the front page, it puts a lot of pressure on making a good article. Please vote for a user who at least filled out their bio while at the same time, a user must do one of the following: edit a wiki page, did a review, make a list or do a blog. The interviews are meant to highlight the user's accomplishments and promote their work for a better, written article.
Please let me know if I miss anything or the rules need tweaking.
**This is the last thread for this community project. I'm sorry about that. I realized with a such a small community, we only had a few well rounded users. Eventually, it will be harder to write interviews for obscure users who never touch their bio, make a list/review/wiki/blog, and branch out of the battle forums. While the thread was originally about picking the best debater, it became more about choosing a well rounded user in the battle forums. The main goal of this project was to make a group of role model users for the battle forums. They can be future leaders or mods who carry the community on their shoulders. Also, spotlighting the battle forums on the front page made the community feel recognized. I reached my goal in this project. It has been a pleasure interviewing folks and getting to know them. The project helped open a few doors for some of our past winners who went beyond in helping their community.
For past voting threads, if I ran into an obscure user, I gave the user suggestions to make some lists, blogs, do a review, or edit a wiki page.

The project's front page coverage will be discontinued to keep things simple and the project alive for a year or more, depending on many folks vote and continue to support.

Thank you.

Past Winners

Thank you everyone.

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Well no one has voted yet. Hopefully me just replying will start a spark. But I don't have anyone I really want to vote for right now. I'll see later once everyone brings them up.

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Ill vote flashback180. Lets get this started.

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Online Now

Well it was a good run I guess so who ever wins congrats

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"You can't vote for mods."

Awwwww. ;_;

Kidding aside, I'd like to pitch a vote for GIRUGAMESH.

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Gonna vote for GIRUGAMESH.

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I'm gonna give my vote to flashback180, could possibly change though.

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Let's hope Girugamesh show up in the battle threads this month. He has been inactive. I gave him suggestions on making lists and blogs for the front page article in last month's voting thread. Haven't seen him respond.


Oh he was online today. He didn't reply to my messages for the last contest though. I'm concerned if he would make an effort to respond for an interview should he win this month's voting thread.

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@SMXLR8 said:

Well it was a good run I guess so who ever wins congrats

Depends if the community grows and expands, I'll continue the project, cancel it, or postpone it. Having it on the front page article makes it difficult and puts a lot of pressure on folks. I had to lengthen Low's article since he was a new user who hasn't branch out from the battle forums. I run into similar problems with obscure users who are stuck in the battle forums, never fill out their bio, made a list, or do something else, so I can write and promote their stuff. Before Tom acknowledge the project and allowed me to post on the front page, this project was intended to end in December with 12 Best Battle Users.

I have to spotlight other niches especially wiki which I haven't done as much.

In the May-June 2014 Anime Vice Community Report,

NichesNew Users
  • WayBig
  • LHWKnight
Wiki Editing
  • AnimeAddict117
  • Lycanmon12
  • Reiyo
  • Ragnhildbursvik
  • Crazynong
  • Night_Fury_
  • ReginaldKastlefan14
  • Deadman323
  • Low
  • Tsukomogami
  • Masternc
  • Phyllo
  • Flarethevulpix
  • CensoredCat
  • Partev
  • Stive
  • SepHIIIrotH
  • Generator2000
  • Rickert
  • Oni_Gajeel
  • Deadpool42
  • Evertonian4Life
  • Eva 01
  • Falbium_Asmodeus
  • IAmKira
  • SonNeko
  • Kikotsu
  • Playboymike
  • Damo15
  • Overlord_Xenolith

April and Before

  • Avarici0us
  • Bruce246
DiscussionsEva 01
Fan Fic
Fan Art

We had a huge increase in new users for the battle forums, but I haven't seen most of them post more than 20 posts.

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I vote for my bud Hitsusatsu11.


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I vote for I was waiting for him to finally return to the battle forums.

@DBZ_universe said:

I vote for my bud Hitsusatsu11.


What you said with this comment killed voting. I don't want to see that kind of attitude anymore from you.


Ah, now that's the spirit. I really hate seeing you use those ellipse. To be honest, it makes picture you're bored and unsatified. It doesn't make Hitsusatsu11 feel glad that you voted for him.

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i vote for girugamesh

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Ok im not going to lie this month i have been getting into the RPG threads, so i haven't been paying too much attention here guys, which im sorry since it might make my vote, at least IMO, count somewhat less because i haven't been watching everything here really, yet im going to vote for the user who i truly belief is the best user of this month and this again will be from my limited view point, which I apologize for along with me voting for someone who already won, but I vote this previous winner because to me this person was the best this month.

I vote for


This guy is respectable and is someone who always has a calm debating mindset that lets him get his view point across in a way that no one else really can. Also he is open minded enough and perhaps one of the only people here IMO who can admit to being wrong about something, which speaks miles about his character. Honestly he is one of the those debaters that you can debate with that will 9.99999% of the time give you insight to a new angle that you were blinded from before you cross paths with him.

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Honestly, I didn't know who to vote for anymore. I wanted to spotlight more obscure users and give them a chance. However, I'm pressured to vote for old users like Taichokage because this project is front page now. I had trouble writing and making the interview long for Low, a new user who started a project but wasn't successful. Flasback, Girugamesh, and Hitsusatsu are good guys, but they don't have a lot of materials to write on. For you past winners excluding Low, SpeedforceSpider, and Othus12, ypu have a lot of stuff to showcase for a front page.

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@takashichea: well i know we should spotlight other people, but i just truly feel that taichokge just is the best for this month and yeah i understand what you mean

Off Topic: speaking about projects, im going to post the results later today and also start looking for people to help fill out my survey. My review is sadly being push back for later this week, but hopefully i'll be done by friday.

Another question do you need any help in any wikis? cause i do feel like writing in the wiki pages again since i started doing reviews because i keep overwriting to the point I might as well wiki write again.

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Your vote still counts if you assume I didn't said anything. I haven't done a proper interview of him when the project first started. I didn't know anything about Taichokage until we worked together on the wiki. I can probably fill an article on him just based on his accomplishments alone.


I couldn't write reviews since I'm behind in the wiki. I will try to promote your project. When you have more folks doing something in a project, it motivates more users to follow. That's what happened in the Toriko wiki project. You need that push. For the wiki, it can be minor things like the Kamigami no Asobi you did. You don't need to rush yourself.

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@waybig1010101: Just noticed your vote. Lol. Thanks man.

This needs to be bumped anyway.

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@taichokage: Your welcome and yeah this needed a bump lol

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@DBZ_universe said:

I vote for my bud Hitsusatsu11.


Thanks m8.

In all objectivity, I do deserve to win one of these. But it's seems like more of the same ppl voting for the same ppl over and over again.

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@hitsusatsu11 said:

But it's seems like more of the same ppl voting for the same ppl over and over again.

Not really. It's more fifty fifty. This one has more different folks voting than last month. Some folks vote for their friends while others vote for the user who did the best each month. I notice them changing their votes each month.

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