Vongola Familia Vs The Shichibukai

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The Vongola Takes on The Shichibukai 
 Tsuna is Replaced By Xanxus & Byakuran 
all of the shichibukai 
who wins
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@FormerCrimsonKing: is there any limits on powers for this fight? Oh, in addition, where is this fight being held location-wise?

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no restrictions 
Takes Place At The Cell Games
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Vongola win out of spite
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Vongola win mostly because of Rokudo Mukuro.  Without him it would be closer and I might slightly side with the shichibukai.
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@taichokage waaaaaaa
: waaaaaa 
are u guys um kidding ..... rr.........really? cause ...... i mean , ya u guys are joking  
you should obviously know that shichibukai curbstomp the vongola.
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W hy no tsuna?
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Because tsuna would make it onesidef
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Not really. Depending on where and how everyone starts out Tsuna wont be too much. I go with Shichibukai only because everyone else seems to be going with the Vongola family.
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This will be a difficult fight, if Rukudo can possess one of the Shichibukai then it would swing the fight heavily in the favour of the Vongola. Also Hibari can cut through diamond like its nothing, Yamamoto is a skilled swordsman, plus Xanxus and Byakuran are very powerful. But I think people are underestimating the Shichibukai, Kuma and Mihawk are beasts plus Doflamingo looks fairly powerful from what's been shown so far. If the Vongola are to win they need to take out these three guys first.
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Tsuna has enma's ring. He can control gravity. He can fire off his x burner at full power with no charge time. He can fly. And current tsuns is arguably alot faster than anyone on the other team. But as for this fight, the shichibukai have no way to deal with mukuro' illusions or yamamoto's rain
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ya but kuma could repel everything im pretty sure kuma can handle all of them because he can repel anything even spirits and non tangable things doflamingo can controle people instantly and black beard can just blackhole all of them and its over  
i really dont see how vongola has any chance to win not only are they not physically strong enough to handle the shichibukai but the warlords have more ridiculous powers then them. 
i mean because of the strength difference they shouldn't be able to handle much hits from any of them right i mean almost everybody in one piece has super strength and super durability, like if hibari can cut through diamond is irrelavent because all the warlords (except moria) are really fast and he would probably get blitzed by like kuma. think about it one hit from kuma should be more then enough to break all the vongola.  
Just think about the strength and durability difference and as well as the big speed gap. 
if u guys still think vongola wins then can someone explain it to me cause i really dont see that happening. Maybe im missing something
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@FormerCrimsonKing: actually they do kumas ursus chock wave will destroy the whole battle field like it did thriller bark and it would hit mukuro ending the illusion plus kumas a robot so maybe illusions dont work on him (ok that last part has no evvidence whats so ever)  but ursus chokwave actually has riduclous range and i think the only one who has a chance of escaping would be tsuna and even then still cant understand how tsuna would beat kuma since kuma moves extremely fast and his moves would prove to be instant kill to all the vongola because of the durability difference between the animes.  For yamamoto's rain im not really sure what you mean can u remind me what that it was.
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For Starters the Vongola's are Good but not that good.

Yamamoto rains only works on those who use the dying will flame; none of the shichibukai has a dying will flame.

Tsuna is not faster than kuma or gecko moria simply because their movement are instantaneous. For Rokudo to posses if first hast to injure the target with his trident and then shoot them with a possession bullet in addition to having a strong will that can over power the targets will.

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I don't know a thing about this Vongola Familia but...

If Law's hax is useless

If Doflamingo's hax is useless (even though we have not seen anything of what he can really do)

If Kuma's hax is useless

If Hancock's hax is useless

If Mihawk's mountain lvl + swordsmanship is useless (even though we have yet to see him in an all out battle showcasing his true ability)

Then this Vongola Familia take the victory.

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are we counting all the shichibukai? meaning former and current? if so then shichibukai wins terribly, add blackbeard, current law, crocodile and moria to the mix.

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Shichibukai stomp.

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