Virgo Shaka, Aries Mu and Gemini Saga VS Majin Buu.

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@gokugx: Long story short, they are galaxy busters with hax.

Anywawy wiss might take one of them tho.

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@eddz99 said:

@gokugx: Long story short, they are galaxy busters with hax.

Anywawy wiss might take one of them tho.

what is hax ?

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A broken type of ability not necessarily a raw power type ability. Like say you have a character that can move at light speed against someone much slower. He's about to attack when his head rolls on the floor. The other guy killed him. Not because he was fast, but because he could stop time. That's an example of hax beating raw power.
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@ROBOT6661 said:

@5th: i never said haxx doesn't matter i just said it isn't all by your logic majin buu can beat bills because he is way more haxx than he is

lol the galaxian explosin doesn't destroy actual planets and stars xD

most of the feats you mention are out of context tbh for example you don't need to be LS to go to space, the "cross dimensional" chain nebula doesn't give us a number of how fast it was going it just went from a worm hole type of thing to attack saga may i add that from what i remember shun hasn't aquire the 7th sense meaning that at that time he couldn't posibly be LS, seiya wasn't on par with aiolia from what i recall in the fight he only dodge the strings of light the attacked made, a LS character getting hit by a LS character really doesn't seemed so out there, the ki gathered in the genkidama goku used upon the fight against kid buu did a similar feat to the gold clothes and i don't remember the hades dimension being larger than our universe, a GS is LS a little faster at the most for example aiolia mentioned to seiya how saints upon learning the 7th sense they can attack at LS and also when seiya was fighting saga he got hit when seiya punches reached LS

Shun acquired the Seventh sense when he was fighting Pisces Aphrodite, and even by the beginning of their fight, he was casually dodging omnidirectional light beams, Shun's Nebula Chains have the ability to bypass the gravitational pull over Gemini Saga's dimension which has been stated to be moving at the speed of light.

Gold Saints are constantly fighting with FTL and Light Speed characters have many incidents where they've casually dodged attacks that were supposed to be light speed.

Gemini Saga was beating the shit out of Seiya and Ikki with his fists alone, I highly doubt Goku can punch at the speed of light, let alone move faster.

You're downgrading the feat again, streams of light? Those were Aiolia's fists from the Lightning Plasma, I'm sure if you can dodge a billion punches per second, that puts you on a FTL scale.

Seiya reacted and countered Taurus Aldebaran's Great Horn, a light speed attack.

Galaxian Explosion is atomic destruction, it destroys a galaxy at a atomic scale so yes technically it is destroying stars and planets.

How many times do I have to prove you wrong?

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@5th: show me this omnidirectional Light Beam that shun was dodging "CASUALLY" because from what i recall shun was getting owned in the beggining of a fight

like i said before GS are LS a little faster at most so a LS character dodging an atack from another LS character doesn't make you FTL really

i do think Goku can fight a those speeds

no i am not downgrading the feat lol even aiolia admited he slows down his attacks against seiya, hence why they look like strings of light, because the real LS punches cannot been seen and the 1 billion punches per second really sound like a hyperbole tbh

i am pretty sue taurus was holding back against seiya he wasn't going all out, aldebaran would had beaten seiya if he wanted to

the galaxian explosion is just visual interpretation of the attack, something Saint Seiya oes often, for example when the constellation of the pegasus appears behind Seiya each time he does an attack or when Shion does the stadust revoluion he doesn't really throws stars or the power equivalent to it or when shun does the nebula thing he really doesn't attack with the power of a nebula

people like to bring up they attack at an atomic scale but that really doesn't justify the lack of feats and stuff like that even whent they explained it they said it wasn't that big of a deal

you have never prove me wrong tbh i even doubt ou have seen as much as the series as i had

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I don't get the Saint Seiya downplay, everything in the series is quite literal. They each have feats to back up the said move. And to say Galaxian Explosion is a visual interpretation is baseless and useless. Were exactly did the creator say it was such a thing? So I guess the whole Another Dimension BFR must be a visual interpretation and people never really get BFR'd. There is literally nothing to back up such a claim.

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@SpeedForceSpider: no the whole point of the another dimension attack is that take you to another dimension so your point is mute

the galaxian explosion is a visual interpretation of the attack unless you think that in SS there are galaxies that can fit in 1 of the 12 houses lol

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@ROBOT6661 said:

@SpeedForceSpider: no the whole point of the another dimension attack is that take you to another dimension so your point is mute

How can my point be mute(lol you mean moot not mute fail) if I am using an example based on your logic? You make no sense. I like how you say Another Dimension is legit yet Galaxian Explosion isn't. Contradicting yourself much?

the galaxian explosion is a visual interpretation of the attack unless you think that in SS there are galaxies that can fit in 1 of the 12 houses lol

This right here makes no sense, haven't you noticed why they cannot jump from Temple to Temple in the Sanctuary arc? Or notice how they withstand high amounts damage with the cloths. Pay attention to the series before you downplay, if it wasn't for Athena's protection then the Earth would be destroyed from the Saints battles.

But my question to you is how powerful are they really? You seem to think you figured it all out yet you proved no proof whatsoever. Since it's a visual interpretation(I don't know how you have the nerve to make this up), then why can there cloths blessed by Athena take so much damage from them? And why can they die? Apparently in your eyes they are weaker than planet level DBZ characters so are they less than building level?

Prove your point with scans at least because your examples don't even add up to what you're sprouting which is bullcrap.

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@SpeedForceSpider: i never said all attacks are visual interpretations i just said some

show me a scan where it is stated that athenas protection is what keeps the saints from blowing up the planet because from what i recall athenas protection is what it keep the other gods to do whatever they want to it

what are you talking about that much damage? they mostly get damage by haxx not by brute force or anything

it is a visual interpretation of the attack unless, like i said before, you think shion actually drops stars or shun actually makes a whole nebula or when any saint is gonna do an attack actually summons a real constelation there are more examples about this

you just have to see the series as a whole not just 1 character statement and base everything from that character, Saga being a Galaxy lvl is really damn inconsistent just look at the other GS, Aldebaran has his great horn that is not galaxy lvl, Aries Mu has his crystal wall an attack that basically is a counter not Galaxy lvl, Cancer deathmask can send your soul to bassically hell that isn't galaxy lvl, Camus can throw attack close to absolute Zero again not galaxy lvl, Milo of scorpion has his antares that can take away your senses and potentially kill you not galaxy lvl, shura can cut almost anything with excalibur that isn't galaxy lvl, you can also take in consideration the 7 marine generals from the poseidon arc they are suppose to be as strong as the GS none of them have nothing close to a galaxy lvl attacks it's not even implied they can do something so astronomical i can say the same thing of the 3 judges from hell none of them have an attack or even it is implied that can do something like that and the ones that ot defeayed didn't got defeated by a galaxy lvl attack

the only thing that can help your case about the galaxian explosion being legit is when it is stated that the weapons Dokko wield can "cut down the stars" that is about it and i REALLY doubt Dokko goes to space and starts cutting down stars and if it's legit it is WAY lower than Galaxy lvl

if you take away the galaxian explosion there is no reason to see characters at GS lvl as galaxy lvl

you guys just have to watch the WHOLE series and you will see that galaxy lvl GS is really damn inconsistent and you will see that the galaxian explosion is just the name of the attack it isn't to be taken for a real galaxy lvl attack

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Really sloppy counter argument I'm not reading all that right now bud.
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i don't even think you have read the series tbh

a lot of people probably just get theire info from some weird respect thread and call everyone a downplayer who doesn't have the same opinion as that respect thread

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Honestly I couldn't careless if you think I have read the series or not. I have watched and read everything except Omega. Your whole argument is invalid.
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Good old Saint Seiya. Reads like an RPG. I'd get involved but people really like to believe they're galaxy level or building level. Amazing the difference. To each their own. Maybe one day it will all be made clear whether those attack pages really were just illusions or there is credibility to the claims. Either way the Gold Saints are Light Speed and have good hax. That's all I'm sure of.

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@SpeedForceSpider: doesn't look like it

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gold saints dont seem to be galaxy level IMO. but they sure woop any dragon ball character mainly due to their durability against atomic level attacks (something no dragon ball character can do) that along the fact that they spam those atomic level attacks at lightspeed. (again i dont see why some say gold saints are MFTL. at tops the high tier gold saints like shaka are lightspeed and 1/4 but nothing more)

dragon ball characters are wayy faster (the top tiers being lightspeed times 5 in short bursts of movement.) and around 2 times the speed of light on travel speed. too bad running around all day spamming weakass blasts wont do anything to the atomic resist of the gold saints.

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Says the guy always defending DBZ when they get whooped. Hax > power deal with it.
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Spite beyond spite.


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@othus12: not all the attacks of SS are at atomic lvl they have beenhurt by none atomic lvl attacks, even early in the series they explained it isn't that big of a deal

@SpeedForceSpider:i don't see what is so bad of me defending DBZ and i have yet to see a good argument about saint seiya

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According to the official guides of SS for the original series Gold Saints the strongest individual attack is the Galaxian Explosion, the only thing that is baseline stronger is the freaking Athena Exclamation that equals the Big Bang but concentrated in one single point.

And as an extra hear the really Hammy Latin American version of Another Dimension from Saga.

Nobody this hammy can be weak.

PS: The Gold Saints have baseline LS, increasing their cosmos they can move even faster

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