Victor Powered vs Adam Arclight

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Victor Stage 3

Victor has gravity control and a double axe which is able to slice through steel easily. 
He can withstand 2,000,000 degrees without any trouble. 
His body is tough enough to withstand several direct hits from around 100 missiles without even a scratch. 
He can also breathe underwater and in space. 
He is capable of flight and has an immensely powerful life force drain that his constantly active. 
He can move at fairly quick speeds and has exceptional regeneration. 
His stamina was amazing as he was able to battle non stop on the moon for a whole month. 


Arclight (with all the fragments we have seen him use)

Arclight has many powers such as mach 9 speed, extremely powerful energy blasts, 
psychokinesis, regeneration, gravity control, magnetism, extreme psychical strength  fire control/speed up of molecules, heat absorption, almost unbreakable strings,  
transparency, and a durable body (but not on victors level) 

They battle in the middle of the atlantic ocean.
So who wins? 

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Victor clearly have the advantage.
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another stomp thread...smh
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Not really a stomp thread... 
both have amazingly powerful abilities, i can see this battle lasting ages to be honest
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