Vice Debate: Shinji vs. Simon, Who Would Win?

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Many of you love it when two characters from two different universes battle each other for no other reason then your entertainment. But my question to you is this--why do they always have to settle their differences in combat? Fighting is entertaining to watch, because we are all vikings deep down inside of us all. But other things are entertaining to watch as well, especially when it comes to people making a fool of themselves. For example, we all know finding a significant other is hard and sometimes embarrassing work, but watching someone else go through these steps is quite hilarious, wouldn’t you say? Which brings us to our first debate.

If you took away everything that happened in the anime and put them on their own, who would get a girlfriend first, Shinji or Simon?



For this battle, both contestants will be placed on a neutral Earth much like ours and given one task, to find a long-term girlfriend. Also, we will be using the Shinji and Simon from the first episodes of their original anime, and placed in homes of similar demographics.


Shinji has major problems with abandonment, because of the loss of this mother and his father being a douchbag. He is also plagued with different physiological problems like self-esteem issues and avoidance from anything that might cause him harm. But he also has some talents as well. Shinji is a good cook and he is a quite talented cellist.

When it comes to woman, he stumbles his way through conversation. Yet despite this he made Rei smile, so he is not a lost cause. At the end of the series some fans argued that he could have had a relationship with Asuka, or the possibility of them having one was high due to the ending.



Simon has similar personality problems, but a little less toned down. However, unlike Shinji, Simon is physically underdeveloped and short. He does not believe in himself, even when others appreciate his skills. Though when shoved in the corner, he can truly rise above himself and overcome any problem.

Simon can not express his emotions when it comes to women, and he becomes extremely jealous when someone touches his “ woman”. However, he eventually gets a girlfriend, and even ends up married, so the skill is hidden there within, waiting for it to be dug out.

The Battle

This will be an uphill battle for both combatants. Shinji has the upper hand in the looks department, but Simon is little bit more psychologically stable. I highly doubt either would be able to pick up a classmate with just discussion alone, there needs to be something more.

What could spark this off is a fight, when either Shinji or Simon are caught defending themselves from bullies for example. Shinji in this situation could possibly go completely insane and destroy his opponent, and Simon would do the impossible and pull off a win. But which one gets the girl?

The Outcome

Today’s winner is Shinji Ikari, and this is why I think he won. First he is a little bit taller than Simon, and appears to be farther into puberty than his rival, which would appeal to more females. Second, when Shinji snaps, he snaps hard. When an inevitable bully fights Shinji, Shinji will somehow take him down fast and hard. This in turn will have his other classmates respect him, thusly earning him points with the ladies. Finally, Simon would not have become the legend he grew up to be without Kamina there to support him. Shinji too had had people he looked up to and help him grow, however they weren’t as significant to his growth as Simon. These are the reasons why Shinji has a better chance of getting a girlfriend; inversely writing this article as decreased my chances of getting one myself.

Who do you think wins, and who would you like to see go head to head next? Submit two characters and we will decide which one comes out on top.
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Shinji>>>>>Simon as a character, just as NGE>>>>>TTGL in every way, Shinji is borderline certifiably insane, just see when he choked Asuka. But at least he had Asuka goin for him, he wins. 
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Simon - the keyword is "long-term" girlfriend. The types of girls who would conceivably go for Shinji would eventually be frightened away by his...insanity when placed in tough situations. It may look nice for a few weeks, but it'll end fast and it'll end badly...police might even get involved somehow...and there goes Shinji to the "special school". 
The types of girls who'd go for Simon are fewer, but by virtue of that, they'd be willing to tolerate him more and be willing to put up with more of his issues, which are far more manageable than any of Shnji's. Simon also seems to be a far more selfless person. Shinji is always worrying about himself, whereas Simon will kill anyone who lays a finger on any of his friends. Some girl's going to find that appealing alone. Also, Simon seems to listen better than Shinji. If there's a problem, I'd predict that Simon would be better at adapting and fixing problems his relationship might get into (or at-least making an effort at it). At the end of the day, Shinji turns inwards and almost nobody can turn him around, no matter how compassionate they are. Simon can be brought back into the real world...he just rarely runs into anyone who isn't a dick. I think for both of these guys, they won't find would find them...and I think Simon has a far better chance at something that's going to last then Mr. Ikari does.
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Shinji is way better than simon.
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Shinji, he already got a girfriend
even if you took away all of the EVA and angels, IN ALL CONTINUITY shinji always get a girlfriend/harem
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Simon, He grows up and get "a pair".  
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I haven't seen much of Simon's show but from what I remember, he's nowhere near as much as a loser as Shinji is.  It really depends on what Shinji we're talking about.  From about episode 5-18 Shinji starts to get a backbone and has a personality that I could see some ultra nice/nerdy girl thinking was attractive.  Everything outside of that is ultra loser though and he would probably reject a girl even if she confessed to him.
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Simon since he got a pair later on in the series. Shinji just lost it at the end when he just started to get interesting.
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 The problem here is that we see Simon's development through a longer span of time. Shinji's development is limited by time; the series covers almost a year. TTGL covers a longer period, around 10 years.
Still, my vote goes to Shinji, because Simon owes part of his personality to Kamina.
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I like the idea for this segment. I enjoy that you don't concentrate on just combat ability. I wanted to write something similar a while back. Comparing Zoro and Wolverine, but I couldn't gather up enough canon material to give Wolverine a fair shot.
I still think that Shinji would be better off with Asuka then Rei. Mostly since Rei is basically a clone of his mother. That would be a bit creepy. As I have said before.
I think I'd side with Simon. Shinji has way too many issues for a long term relationship.
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Simon would. Even if he didn't have Kamina's influence. 
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At the ends of their respective series, Simon ends up saving the universe then gets married and Shinji ends up being surrounded by people clapping and congratulating him for something ambiguous like a special needs kid. 
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 Shinji vs Simon, who is deadliest? 
My money is on Simon he may be short but hes just got more charisma then Shinji
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I think Simon would have gotten the win, Think a girl would be hella more impressed with someone taking out bullies with skill, rather than completely losing their cool and freaking at them like a nut, if simon got into an argument with his girl, he'd be less... stupid... Shinji would proly lose it on his lady, if you ask me....
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That pic in the OP is cool the way it shows Kamina and (more importantly) Rei in the backgrounds, like Kamina is training Simon and Rei is training Shinji LOL.
" Shinji, he already got a girfriend  even if you took away all of the EVA and angels, IN ALL CONTINUITY shinji always get a girlfriend/harem "

 ^^^But as it was said, even in alternate continuities such as Angelic Days and Raising Shinji he always does ok in this matter, so he wins.
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