Vergo vs Grimmjow

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battle is on punk hazard

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Good battle. I think Grimmjaw by a hair though. Partially because he is a close and long range fighter, and also because he has a constant armor on vs Vergo who must consciously utilize his (albeit, it might be more impressive than hierro but that's a bit of speculation).
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Vergo should be a good deal faster than Grimmjow, fracturing Sanji's leg is an impressive feat in itself so I'm inclined to say he hits harder than Grimmjow too, on top of that his Rokushiki (Geppou in particular) makes it so Grimm doesn't have a flight advantage unfortunately, so no he's not taking advantage of range and spamming Cero's here. Vergo takes it with mid difficulty. Taichokage, you mentioned that Vergo has to consciously use his armor, but the thing is we never saw him have an issue with doing that, his reactions are fast enough to deal with Grimmjow and put his armor up in time should he need to

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vergo wins with some difficulty

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True, but Smoker and Sanji were able to land blows on him, meaning that he doesnt always have it up (no pun intended!) Grimmjow is at least faster than Smoker.
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@taichokage: How fast is Grimmjow? Smoker was keeping up just fine with Gear 2 Luffy in Marineford, and that was pre-skip Smoker.

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@taichokage: ah but remember that his armor was able to crack even sanji's shin, which sanji can use to break even harder than steel metal. Vergo has a bit of a distance game as well with Rankyaku (since he's a visible master of Rokushiki techniques) but his most visible distance attack was his bamboo shot

also i think that his armor appears near instantaniously, and he has shrugged of sanji's diablo kicks without the armor, which break harder than steel metal casually. Vergo's a badass ill give him that XD

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