Vera Linus vs Hinata & Ino & Sakura

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In Vera Linus stomps, throw in Tsunade.
In Naruto side stomps throw in  Makihara Madoka.

For those that dont know Vera:
She is a Martial Artist, use utilies Heaven's Riches faction techniques.
She manipulates Ki Energy.

  • Spatial Void Fist - Is a traditional martial art skill that is only used by the main bloodline of Art of Heaven's Riches.Used by gathering the user's Ki into their palms and are directed towards their opponent's heart to cause extreme internal damage. Ranged attack as well 5-10m
  •  Void Strike Class - A technique that can constrict an opponent's heart from a medium (approximately 5-10m) distance away. Fire Dragon claims the counter technique (Wall of Ki) was pioneered by Lightning Tiger himself. 
  • Vacuum Strike - A blast that expands the emptiness in a distance.

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