Venom (Flash Thompson) Vs Scar

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From Venom
From Venom


From Fullmetal Alchemist
From Fullmetal Alchemist

-Both are bloodlust

-No PIS or CIS

-Win by KO or death

-No prep time

-Speed is equal

-Standard equipment for both (Scar have his reconstruction arm)

-They start the fight about thirty feet apart

-Fight take place in a empty city at night

Who will win?

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Venom curbstomps hell he might even be able take on Scar and Bradley with next little to no trouble

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Regardless of whichever the symbiote possesses, Venom stomps. Far too much strength (70+ tons lifting) and durability (capable of taking blows from superpowered foes like the Juggernaut and Iron Man, as well as regenerating from most forms of damage) for Scar to handle.
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VENOM takes the 7 deadly sins + scar all at once, and he will still win.

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Venom wins pretty easily.

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