Vegito runs an gauntlet.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Yes it is... lol

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Vegito in base form could probably do every level.

stuff link SSJ3 Goku etc and anything below that are just irrelevant and pretty much would have to use all their power to maybe cut 1 of Vegito's hairs.

SSJ3 Goku is weaker than SSJ3 Gotenks, whom is weaker than Mystic Gohan, whom is weaker than Super Buu w/ Gotenks absored, Mystic Gohan is then absorbed.

This final version of Buu is still toyed with by base Vegito.

Round 1: None of these could hurt Vegito

Round 2: Considering many people on this website put Super Janemba between Mystic Buu and Kid Buu, Another round where the characters can't hurt Vegito.

Round 3: Hardest to compare out of the bunch, either way if SSJ is an option this is again one sided.

Round 4: Easy for base Vegito

Round 5: Easy for base Vegito

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Vegito in his base form could take on all 5 rounds at the same time, what people need to realise in the DBZ universe is that if an opponent has even slightly less power they are basically irrelevant to the fight. So what I'm saying is you take the strongest character there and that's the actual gauntlet vegito has to face (most powerful I can see is Majuub or Super Janemba) everyone else is inconsequential. (this goes for all other DBZ gauntlets).

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Updated the OP: All fights Vegito is at base.

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@niBBit: He still clears it... but round 5 will be the hard one.

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Vegito clears.

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