Vegito battles the Shadow Dragons.

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@GIRUGAMESH: I don't think Vegito would have had any problems beating the hell out of Buuhan without going SSJ. At the least they would have been equal in power. And I know we are supposed to powerscale when it comes to GT, but its so hard to do when their feats are crap. I really thought Omega Shenron was a joke I couldn't take him seriously, and the concept of SSJ4 was nice but the showings were pitiful. I really can't put anyone in GT over Vegito(except for Gogeta who was the saving grace of GT but thats really not saying much he played around too damn much)

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@JThree47605: That would be pure speculation, as base Vegito is actually featless. I totally understand your position though, going by feats the Ginyu force could have beaten Omega Shenron.

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@GIRUGAMESH: True he is featless, but I'm basing it off of the dominance he showed as just a SSJ1, but thats just speculation

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Like explained in my OP, the Shadow Dragons (most of them) aren't very strong at least for an SSJ4. But its there HAX abilities that makes them so broken. Haze Shenron like i explaned can take an punch he can't dish it out, but the longer the fights get the weaker you become to the point he can beat you. Rage Shenron tru his Slime was able to absorb Goku SSJ4's 10x Kamehameha and send it back at him. He can also the end it was PIS that killed Rage. Nuova Shenron should be a little stronger than Goku SSJ4 and there was one thing that i forgot the mention about him: He has an abilitie called Nova Sphere, he used it to trap Omega Shenron and if Omega didn't absorb him Nuova would have won. His Nova Sphere was stronger than even Goku SSJ4'd Dragon Fist and we all know what the Dragon Fist did in the movies...pure PIS, yet Dragon Fist could't stop Omega. Speaking of Omega, to me he displayed enough, beating 2 SSJ4 without being complete is worth mention. On paper he should be nearly unbeatable because he inherets all the Shadow Dragons HAX abilites including the Nova Sphere.

But Omega like so many other DBZ/GT villians and hero's are downplayed. Alot of Z/GT fighter have terific abilities like mind reading or TK but never use them more than once in the battle, Dabura should have ended Gohan the moment they went head to head you know with his Spit turning everything to stone.

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