vegeta,trunks,goku and piccolo (pre kami) VS 17 and 18

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ill add the android pics later since the page wont let me now.


in character

pre rosat

who wins?

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The Androids stomp. 18 easily soloed Vegeta and Trunks and 17 one shotted Piccolo . The only hope would be a Spirit Bomb like with 13. But don't see Goku having enough time to pull that off.

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Vegeta was stated to be above goku at that time. 17 possibly solos

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seriously what?? 
in both cannon and manga , a much WEAKER version of 17 and 18 in the alternate timeline , wiped out the entire Z team except goku(who was dead) and trunks. 
Either i must be reading this wrong or it's been written wrong , Because no one in saiyan saga ...pre kami can take on 17 and 18....Well Gynu probably could 

18 and 17 will stomp hard on this. 
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