Vegeta vs Beta Ray Bill

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Wish they would make an animated WW Hulk movie......BrB nearly got his face beat in when Hulk got his hands on him even though he was lolstomping the group till his chip thing broke so I see Animated BrB losing.

as for Comic BrB lengthy post down below......

Hes created shields that could withstand blows from Heralds like Silver Surfer and Stardust.

has teleported a small Black Hole “into a place where there’s not a single atom of matter to mess with it within a million light years”


endures the force of two different singularities

overcame the force of a black hole

Woke up in the the middle of a sun about to go super nova

Tanks a powerful blast from Galactus

For Strength....

Shattered planetoids with his hammer

Cracked Galactus's armor with strikes from Stormbreaker

He and Thor held up all of asgard.

Combat speed

he overwhelmed Stardust

his reaction speed is at least MTFTL being able to perceive Silver surfer shooting through space

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@SMXLR8 said:

@solesamurai: @SpeedForceSpider: would if i added thor would it be fair?

No, unless Thor and BRB could fuse it would be useless, Vegito could defeat them both convincingly, so both of em at the same time wouldn't really be much different.

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This is a spite thread

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@solesamurai: even thor with odin force or is that too much?

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@SMXLR8 said:

@solesamurai: even thor with odin force or is that too much?

Thor with OdinForce is more than too much.


round 1 - I asume it's Beta Ray Bill from Avengers the Earth's Mightiest Heroes (there is also Planet Hulk version which should be weaker than AEMH version). We can use Thor as a bench mar so BRB stats would be:

strength: Enough to lift Manhattan island with additional land mass basicly in Teratons. In other words sligthly superior to SSJ4 Goku

durability: large city level at least. Obviosly Vegeta outclasses him

destructive capacity: large city level at best: Again extremly inferiro to Vegeta

speed: massily hypersonic. Close to Vegeta

has much greater power set than Vegeta. So when all is summed up Animated Beta Ray Bill could give Vegeta a moderately good figth but would lose.

Other rounds - comic Beta Ray BIll is obvious winner.

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Vegeta stomps; Bill in the planet Hulk film did a lot of nothing outside get his face pummeled by the Hulk.

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Animated versions of comic book characters tend to be significantly weaker than their canon counterparts. However, comic Beta Ray Bill beats Vegeta here, I think.

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@xlab3000 said:

This is a spite thread

The top comment of that video is really pathetic. I really hate it when people think that DBZ characters are stronger than everyone else.

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@ArtsyGal: wait you saw the dbz are gods comment LOL =D?

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