Vegeta SSJ4, Nuova Shenron vs Eis Shenron, Goku SSJ4.

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- This is Goku SSJ4 when he fought Nuova, not when he fought Syn/Omega Shenron because he was amped in that fight.

- Eis/Nuova's freezing/ice/fire attacks only work ONCE! so Eis Shenron can't keep freezing Vegeta/Nuova all the time and Nuova can't raise his body heat so that nobody can touch him etc.

- All are bloodlusted and have no morals.

- No uber HAX abilities like Nova Sphere and Dragon Fist.

Nuova Shenron: He's one of the fastest unfused characters in DBGT. He outclassed both Goku and Vegeta in the speed department. His attacks are deadly and he uses the Sun as an energy supply and acording to Goku he will never run out of energy that way so he can just keep spamming ki attacks. In his fight with Goku he showed that he was faster and more in control of the fight, Goku only manged to land a headbut and due to PIS fooled him underground. When Nuova Shenron joined the fight against Omega Shenron and attacked Vegeta, Goku yelled that his speed is much greater than both of them and then skooled Vegeta SSJ4, showing once again that he's one of the faster guys out there. So imo Nuova>Goku SSJ4.

Eis Shenron: The way Nuova Shenron was acting and the way Eis was treating his brother (kept bullying him) Eis seems the stronger of the 2 dragons. He let Goku pound on him for 5 seconds and in those 5 seconds Goku landed some good shots on him but, Eis tanked all those hits and was fine. The problem i have with Eis is that in terms of fighting he has poor showings unlike his brother. Eis was more spamming his HAX Ice attacks and freezing Goku up and using Pan and his brothers as meatshields, begging for his life and tricking Goku. Nuova on the other hand fought on even grounds with Goku. I could be wrong on this one and might be alone in this but the way i see it: Nuova>Goku>Eis.

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Team 1 wins

Goku = Vegeta

Nuova > Eis, because if ever eis tried to freeze him, it would just melt in his sunheat skin.

And goku and nuova has better teamwork

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@eddz99: Why would Goku and Nuova have better teamwork? also maybe you misread the teams but Goku is paired with Eis not Nuova.

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Team 2

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If people think Eis>Nuova then i could swap the 2 dragons to make it more fair.

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@niBBit: Oh shit i did misread it.. This thing would be a tie since it's bloodlusted

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I mean Vegeta and Nova win.
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@eddz99: Why would be this a tie

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I reckon Team 1 wins. Vegeta was almost equal with Goku, and that's saying a lot considering if you're not Goku in GT, you're fucked unless you're a bad guy. Nuova seems more of a fair fighter, he seems more of a person who understands one's capabilities and fights all out from the beginning. Goku wiped the floor with Eis with one punch whereas it's difficult for Goku to be on par with Nuova (i haven't seen DBGT in ages, so I may be wrong.)

If Goku goes all out from the very beginning, he would sort Vegeta out quickly, Goku is much more intelligent when it comes to fighting and is a better fighter, let's face it. I'm still sticking with team 1 though.

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@Goku_The_Hero97: Goku defeated Eis Shenron by using his Dragon Fist witch is uber HAX as it was powerfull enough to damage Omega Shenron. Goku>Vegeta for sure but i'm not convinced that Goku could end the fight so quickly, i think Vegeta would put up a good fight before going down. Goku performed better and was fighting longer against Omega Shenron for sure but, don't forget that Goku had some serious amps in that fight. Tonight (i think) i'm gonna rewatch some of the episodes and see what the power difference is between Goku SSJ4 and Vegeta SSJ4, you could be right about Goku finishing it of quickly because like you said if your not Goku in GT then you're fucked :)

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@eddz99: Goku > Vegeta. Vegeta even said it himself, although it was in Z, still. But it's not by a huge margin, but one on one Goku would beat Vegeta. In this battle, Team 2 barely.

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I don't know about GT, but Goku was so much more powerful than Vegeta at the end of Z it wasn't even close.

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