Vegeta and Diego VS Black Adam and Jason Voorhees

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Vegeta from Dragonball Z/GT and Diego from the Ice Age Saga take on Black Adam from DC Comics(post-crisis, pre-nu52 version)and Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th series(the original series, not the 2009 remake). Anyway, random encounter and bloodlust is on, and the fight takes place in rural Tennessee. Note well that neither soloing nor BFRing is allowed, and that this is a two on two in the strongest sense of the word. Even if one member from each team wins, then those winners go at it and whoever wins that fight wins it for his team. In addition, note well that EVERYONE HERE IS BEING WRITTEN PROPERLY AND AT THEIR BEST AND MOST POWERFUL. No jobbing. No downplaying of abilities. No lowballing. Not a single thing resembling any of that. You get the picture. Finally, it is to be well noted that Vegeta, who is in his Super Sayian form, is appropriately fighting Black Adam, and in the sky. At the same time, Diego, at the peak of his abilities, talents, skills and vitality in every way, is fittingly fighting Jason Voorhees, who is not Uber Jason from Jason X but certainly the powerful living dead Jason from Friday The 13th VI: Jason Lives on, predictably on the ground. Which duo wins? The dark heroes of Team 1 or the even darker villains of Team 2?

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When Vegeta blows up the planet and finds out that his attempt to kill everyone doesn't faze Black Adam as he can breathe in space we all come to the realization that this fight is incredibly stupid.

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I LOL when I saw Diego! why is he in this battle? and more importantly, why and how did Vegeta accepted him as a partner.

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Best POST EVER!!!!

Team 2 wins.

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Diego solos both teams

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"Which duo wins? The dark heroes of Team 1 or the even darker villains of Team 2?" I found that ironic since Vegeta most likely has the highest body count of anyone here.

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