Vash vs Vincent Valentine

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This is strictly a gun fight between these two well known gunmen. Some things to be aware of for this match:
  • Both men have access to any weapons they've used in their respective franchises.
  • Vash is barred from using Angel Arm variations, has the machine gun version of his prosthetic arm and is bloodlusted for this match.
  • Vincent is barred from transforming into his demon forms.

With these conditions laid out, who do you think would win in a gun fight between these two?

 Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
 Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

 Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)
 Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)
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The second rule kinda contradicts the first. That aside, id give it to vincent. Despite Vash being an expert gunman, Vincent seems to have a wider array of of abilities and weapons that would give him a large advantage over vash, whos only weapons without his angel arm are a revolver and a hidden machine gun

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Got no info on Vincent so i can't say, but i somehow feel that Vash will lose because he hasn't any of his powers.

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Vincent has the Cerberus (shown in image), which can take down an aircraft with well placed shots. Vincent, without transforming, is still super fast and super strong, and has regenerative abilities.
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but Vash is already a bullet timer, at least of what I've seen of the the anime.

@ReiKai: but the first sentence of the OP say's this is strictly a gun fight. no one needs sepcial abillities to take down an aircraft, John Rambo does it with arrows, ROFL. J/K

but, if they are both bullet timers, then it's a draw, and the only way to win is a plot device.

Post by ReiKai (3,550 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Vincent is faster than that. And he didn't use special powers to destroy the craft, he just shot it. Also, Rambo uses a Grenade Arrow.
Now, all op says in Vincent can't transform. All his other physical abilities are in play. Plus, there's a difference between a 2man chopper and a Transport Craft, with better technology I might add. Now, take this and start around 6min in.
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Vincent can take more punishment as well
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Vash is very fast and nice gun master indeed, his precision may be even perfect but the blows that his gun makes aren't very strong or effective, we can tell that he's more a fast gunner type...

Vincent insted, is a fast and agile master of all types of guns and with some shots he can blow up everything, and excluding that. If they had to duel, Vincent would win, no becouse of hidden weapons of somethin but thanks to his Cerberus, and his metal claw ( infact if someone has ever played final fantasy DOC you can see that he defends himself from the airplane shooting and many other scenes like this. ) Hope Someone like this as an answer

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