Utsuho Reiuji VS Ichigo Kurosaki (hollow)

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Utsuho Reiuji

A terribly-power being who devoured the ancient God known as Yatagarasu, gaining his awesome powers, giving her the ability to openly control nuclear fusion.

Her signature move (Giga-Flare~ Subterranean Animism) she creates two gigantic stars, which both constantly spew a maelstrom of vicious projectiles.

Although extremely powerful, she's well.......a bit stupid, actually the fact that she was able to even find Yatagarasu is pretty amazing.


Ichigo Kurosaki (Hollow)

A once normal human 15 year old, turned into a spirit reaper by a woman named Rukia, he quickly rose through the ranks and became a force to be reckoned with, attaining his hollow form his strength and speed become even more ridiculous.

His signature move (Getsuka Tensho) launches a powerful burst-wave over a very large area, and can even be done in rapid succession. The strength of his signature move also incrase in his hollow form.

Although he is a quick thinker, and fairly persistent combatant, at times he does act a bit....well....slow, for example, stopping in the middle of intense combat to make a statement, or better yet, playing the 'cool guy' act and accidently under-estimating his opponent. (not exactly what you want to do when you're facing down someone like Utsuho.)


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Horribly One-sided battle

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Seems like first guy would stomp.

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i loved how you presented the battle. and while its a mismatch people should elaborate battles like this, with mini-bios for the people that don't know about the character and with clear pictures.

Utsuho wins here.

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Reiuji already soloed the Bleach verse in the past, Ichigo isn't even fodder level.

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