Ultron vs Unicron

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Ultron, if my Marvel knowledge is correct, starts out as being able to destroy a planet or wipe out the surface of one with nuclear weapons. Later he gets much stronger and kills all the Avengers in a stronger state.

Unicron, as it is well known, is usually a planet devourer. However, I hear he is also capable of devouring Universes/dimensions in some forms.

Ultron vs Unicron in planet destroying form, then Ultron vs Unicron in their strongest forms.

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@KingOfAsh: Round 2 unicorn surely wins

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Unicorn wins in both rounds. Round 1 is potentially a decent battle though if Ultron can have his clones and tech. And he can control cybernetics. But Unicron is a sentient cyber being and on a planetary scale. I don't know how well Ultron would fare trying to manipulate that. But no version of Ultron I've seen is a planet buster. He is a probably a life wiper though and has caused trouble for genuine planet busters. But still, this is Uniceon. First form is planetary level with planetary durability (since he is a large planet) but his second form is Universal. He for sure takes round 2 with no effort, probably round 1 as well.
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@taichokage: HAHAHAH troll'd you copied me UNICORN hahah it's UNICRON >:)

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Spell checker my friend. I spelled it right after that..... And wrong again in a different way after that. Sheesh. Never knew one name could give me so much trouble!
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