UltimateHero's Tournament R1: Team othus12 vs Team solesamurai

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Dante acting cocky was much more in DMC3 when he was younger. He's gotten smarter as he's gotten older, despite still being a bit cocky. However, I have my doubts of Chiyo blitzing Dante. He's been proven hyper to high-hypersonic w/o Devil Trigger and, not being familiar with Toriko (as I'm seeing many may not be), using terms like "food honor" and "National Treasure" will not be understood without a proper explanation, much like having to describe the difference between a Silver and Gold Saint.
One of the main issues with DMC is the inconsistency in the showings of their abilities. This is primarily due to the DMC team changing almost completely with each game with members leaving to work for another company or shifted to working on another game entirely so DMC constantly ended up with different writers and programmers. And why DMC5 is such an abomination. Why I prefer the Novels, manga and Anime which shows a continuing line of Canon (the anime comes after DMC2 when Dante has come back from Hell and before DMC4).
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@UltimateHero0406: That already reaches into the borders of fanmade character which makes the whole thing pointless.

Where did i say that i deny it's feats? I just said the "cut through anything" is bullshit and a NLF, but i never said it didn't destroy the demon portal.

As said a combo of their best shots could actually do something and assuming that they might win, but outside of it they are doomed.

@ReiKai: No... the right canon order of the series is DMC3 > DMC1 > DMC Anime (that's the first time when Trish and Lady meet if you actually paid any attention to it) > DMC 4 > DMC2.

The Novels were released with either DMC1 or DMC2 (forgot) but after the appearance of DMC3 their canonicity was in question.

And then DmC is a different continuity all along, and while it did have a nice mechanic or two (switching weapons mid combat is something all DMC games could take up), yeah there is no debating about the fact that the story is beyond shit.

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Dante has scruffy beard goin for him in DMC4, he didn't in DMC2 and he was clean faced in the Anime. So DMC4 came later. And yes I know Lady and Trish first meet in the Anime. And it was hilarious watching them go at it and get pissed that their clothes got ruined.
The DMC Novels were Pre-DMC3. Dante went by the name "Tony" still, but with the arrival of Vergil, he couldn't live that life anymore. The novels is also where he originally acquires Ebony&Ivory, that were specially made for him.
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@ReiKai: Either because the writers didn't think ahead in the series or because did not care, Dante's appearance is inconsistent and irelevant to his age. DMC2 is still the latest game chronologicly where he's also at the height of his power.

As said it's DMC 3 > DMC 1 > Anime > DMC 4 > DMC 2.

Furthermore because it was shown in DMC4 that Trish is left to take care of Sparda and that is her weapon in two.

Novels are put in question because of the DMC3 prequal manga which is canon and are not exactly established in where they take place in the timeline. And they are also questionable because in the Dante is obviously is portraited to be much older than in DMC3 making the whole "just go his guns" thing a plothole.

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@ReiKai: food honor is a technique that gets rid of all the useless movements of the user, food honor masters have a level of skill so fine they often kill their enemies on one movement and that movement is so fine that the animal/person killed doesn't even realize that its dead even for months, fighting against people that have some degree of food honor is extremely difficult, toriko pre-food honor is at hypersonic+ and couldnt match a human with a mid level of food honor:

here toriko was far stronger and faster than his opponent, yet he couldn't even touch him.

now he is a mid level food honor practicioner, chiyo is at the highest level and even toriko with food honor had an extremely difficult time, he developed precognition like reflexes and that's what saved him, but even the likes of toriko can get one-shotted with ease:

now i will explain what is a national treasure, national treasures are people that are so important to the world that they are considered treasures to the human race, their power levels are always out of the charts, setsuno is one of the national treasures and her full course menu is made up of beasts with unmeasurable capture levels, to put that in comparison a level 100 beast can wipe out the entire human race, and chiyo defeated one of the national treasures and then with a fatal wound after the fight stalemated a full power food honor toriko. what im trying to say here is that her skill is so great it cant be seen and can defeat civilization wipers with ease.

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The "single move" can be more accurately described as one continuous move at super speed. Like people who can shave the peel off an apple without taking the knife from it even once. It's just one continuous motion. That is the easiest way in which to describe the skill of a "food honor". Although the "not dead for months" is more like a delayed effect, something like a blood aneurism that goes off in your head and could kill you at any time and you're unaware of it.
A similar instance could be recalled from Battle Angel when Alita used plasma to make invisible cuts in Makaku's arm that initially had no effect until he tried to send power to the cutters in his fingers which then caused the whole arm to explode. It was something so precise it's virtually undetectable. The only difference is, of course, movement and execution.
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@ReiKai: no no its different, look at this:

there are no organs nor muscles there yet the bird still thinks its alive , it even tries to feed on some humans

here is another example

and regarding the one move, id say it differs on the attack, some are exactly as you describe for example this one: (that guy felt pain because the user made him realize he got cut)

but others are different like this one:

the result is the same, if the user wants its possible for the animal attacked not to have felt anything at all or even realize it got cut.

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On the point of animals it is more like leaving the brain intact while severing the nerves that transmit pain and allowing it to realize that it was hurt or, in these cases, dead. So in part it's kinda like zombification. As for the bottom image, it reminds me of the Dark Tournament in YYH when Hiei severed that guys arm without him ever even noticing until Hiei pulled it from behind his back to show off.
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So I guess the winner is


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