UltimateHero's Tournament R1: Team othus12 vs Team solesamurai

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Dracule Mihawk (One Piece)

Chiyo (Toriko)


Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

Dante (Devil May Cry)

No prep, no hax (TK, TP, time/reality manipulation, etc.)

Everyone has their standard equipment

Dante has no styles other the Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Trickster, and Doppleganger. He may also use Yamato.

Fight is in Chicago

Battle to K.O. or death of all characters on a side

Good luck to all

This is going to be one hell of a fight



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ok i will start this by stating how strong are my characters and why should they win:


Juracule Mihawk is the strongest swordsman on his verse and has mastery of at least one type of haki, his sword is also the strongest of his verse managing to cut a giant iceberg without any effort and can tag luffy even at gear second at a distance, his attack range is the greatest of all the characters in this battle considering how he managed to launch an attack against whitebeard from the whole other side of marineford while others had to get there to even try to do something (ex: kizaru) other feats include fighting on par with the yonkou shanks which is one the strongest people of his verse. he can easily take ryu hayabusa since he has far more destructive power, incredible reaction time (can track a jet bazooka) and the strongest sword of his verse.

this video gets 3 important things

1.- destructive power: a giant iceberg with a casual slash

2.-speed: crossed half marineford with a leap

3.- reflexes: tracked gear second luffy even at the other side of marineford


chiyo is one of the top chefs in the world of toriko, her talent is at national treasure level, and was compared to the national treasure setsuno whose full course menu is composed of meals that have unmeasurable capture levels. she has mastered food honor which gets rid of all of her unnecesary movements, her skills with the knife are so fine that most people dont even realize that theyu have been cut, here are 2 examples:

here she killed a beast and then used it as a mount, her skill was so good that the beast didnt even realised it was alredy dead:

with one flick of her knife she removed the organs, tissue and skin of a food honor master before he could even realize:

and lastly she fought on par with post food honor while she was injured fatally:

so she can reduce dante to a pile of bones before he even thinks of regenerating btw she even held back and we know how strong toriko is.

she fought toriko right after he defeated the master user of the food honor which is a national treasure.

in short my team wins

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Alrighty lets work some magic here

I'll start off with Dante

(I'll be using DmC1-4 Dante here btw)

I'll start by showing off some strength feats for Dante...


Being the white haired awesome angelic/devil being Dante is, he gets the privilege of having some pretty over the top, powers,skills, strengths, etc. Dante has so many of these in fact, that he almost has never been seen Going all out.

Dante is so strong that right off the bat he was able to make stone look like cotton

Dante being the over the top badass he is, Punches a statue to hard, he caused fissures, and the statue just crumbles to dust

This can also be considered a speed/agility/acrobatics feat but I'll get into that later

Dante was shown to be strong enough to shrug off a Demonic Statue known as the savior, mid attack.

As you can see Dante is absolutely no push over, he has the strength and means to make anyone respect him, and he's just fricken badass amirite?


Dante wouldn't be much if he couldn't take what he dishes out amirite? Well lucky for him he is one pain tolerant bastard!

Demons just turn Dante into a flesh and bone sword sheath, think that stops him? Nah he even goes so far as to use the weapons he was stabbed with for his own use! This also shows dante has so much skill/battle experience he can rhythmically use any weapon he grabs onto very easily.

He's essentially bullet proof as well.

But can Dante even Lift?!?! Idk honestly. But I do know he can take extreme heat to the face and just walk it off, like he tripped or something.

Not even Dante's own weapon can make him catch the feels, and by that I mean cry.

Now this here may be more of a regen feat, but It still shows how much he can really take, Dante and Nero get into a fight and Nero stabs Dante in the chest, Dante shrugs it off like his cat scratched him or something.

Now I'm not saying Dante can't die, But He's looking real Chuck Norris right now.

Skill/Reflexes/Speed etc

Now Dante's Reflexes put him at least at bullet timing , not to mention he is one of the best gun slingers in fictional history, he can fire at incredible speeds without sacrificing any accuracy.

Look at how agile this SOB is, I can even put it into words, he just moves and stuff misses.

Dante just makes a being like the savior look like he's a newborn.

Nero tries to shoot Dante point blank, but Dante isn't having any of that today.

Like I said before, Dante can pretty much pick any weapon and rhythimically use it to it's best abilities as if he had used it for years, That just how vast his battle experience and skill is.

Dante just uses his brothers sword as if it really was his.

In short Dante is just all around this best guy for the job. He can in all honestly hold his against virtually anybody at full capacity and he isn't one to back down from a challenge.

I'll post Ryu Stuff in the morning I'm a bit tired.

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so how about people decide now who won? so that we can get the other matches running

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I'm going to wait until I see the Ryu parts to make my choice, but I'm leaning toward Othus for now.
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Dante casually carved mountains with Yamato as I recall, and mountains trump a human's body or a tidal wave with a boat on it.

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I almost completely forgot about my Ryu Hayabusa post lol. This one will be less detailed as I couldn't use any Respect threads for Ryu as references for feats since he has no really detailed respect threads(I'll probably be making one since he deserves one >.>). Probably wont be a whole lot of videos or anything but I'll try to make it as detailed as possible. This is all pretty much based on my knowledge of him so without delay... I'll edit this post with vids later as that is alot of searching and time stamping since it's damn near impossible to get any vids of this guy without game mechanics in the vid.
Here goes nothing.
Ryu being a ninja doesn't Typically focus on physical strength, that being said he does have some really ridiculous strength feats like cutting tanks in half with 1 sword slash, chopping Helicopter and planes in half etc. He has been shown to be able to maneuver 100 lbs swords fast enough to block machine gun fire from multiple directions easily. 
Man this guy is quick, he can't even teleport, but you can't tell the difference, that's just how fast he is. He is so quick his after images leave after images and I'm not exaggerating either lol. He is able to move at lightning speeds in short burst, He also has reflexes far exceeding bullet time as he can block assault rifle fire from several direction easily with extremely hefty weapons. 
One of various ninja skills he mastered Ryu is a master of infiltration he has shown he can infiltrate and assassinate those who are even expecting him to be there! That's right even if you know Ryu is coming, he still sneaks up on you! 
Ryu has extremely Keen senses for a human being, he can detect even the slightest displacement in air, hear footsteps far off while standing next to a loud river etc. 
Hand to hand
Ryu doesn't even need a weapon to be awesome, He has defeated god-like creatures that specialize in Hand to Hand combat like the Tengu of destruction in Hand to Hand combat.
Weapons Training
Like Dante Ryu has so much battle experience and skill that he can virtually rhythmically use any weapon he picks up as if he has used it for years.
Ki Manipulation 
Ryu has mastered the art of Ninpo through years and years of training and meditation. 
 Ryu's endurance augmented with his unique regeneration ability allows Ryu to survive many hazards such as a barrage of bullets, fatal stabbings, rockets & explosives to the head, and being submerged in pools of acid & molten lava. Ryu is also able to withstand magical fireballs and flying blunt objects like large telekinetically thrown pillars. Ryu has been shown to survive being cut in half and takes stab wounds directly to the heart and heal within days.
I'll EDIT this post with vids later so I can time stamp them and give myself more time to dig deeper into the depths of youtube for stuff.
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With the hax banned you pretty much take team 2's only chance of victory. Team 1 has better stats and should win this.

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@Fehafare: I've not taken away anything that would not make this unfair. The only things I've banned are Quicksilver, Royal Guard. Everything else if fair game including ninpo.

Let me edit the op and make that clear for everyone.

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@UltimateHero0406: When i said hax i was talking about Danet's time fuckery because that's the only thing that can save them. Royal Guard doesn't have feats anyway. One casual slash from Mihawk and team 2 is already in trouble.

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@Fehafare: That is unfair. What is to stop Dante from just stopping time and killing the opposition easily?

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@UltimateHero0406: It's questionable if he could even overcome the durability of team 1 while in time stop, but if we assume that him and Ryu can put them down in the time stop they win (but this is out of question as you banned it).

Outside of it they are dead.

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@Fehafare: Yamato (Supernatural sword that can cut through anything), Gilgamesh, Lucifer, Pandora. I'm pretty sure they would make a dent. But still if it's going to be a cheap win like that, what's the point? At least if Team 1 wins, it will be because they are faster and stronger. Making speed relativistic would be a better idea.

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@UltimateHero0406: I played all of DMC games and currently am playing DmC, no need to list stuff for me. Yamato is a walking NLF and all the weapons are skyscraper level+ at best, they couldn't even make a visible dent.

Yes team 1 wins because of that. And "relativistic speed" is speed that is a fraction of the speed of light, what you want to say it "make speed equal".

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@Fehafare: There's only NLF if I say its NLF here.

And either way, cheap speedblitz win will not happen.

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@UltimateHero0406: Just because you made the thread doesn't mean you can decide what is a NLF and what not lol.

Saying that Yamato can cut anything is a NLF. You want to say that it could cut Glactus? Flowery language and hyperbole at best, it has 0 feats to back it up. Hell it couldn't even pierce the Saviour's chest without help.

And they won't be speed blitzing but team 1 does hold the speed advantage.

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im gonna give my argument for chiyos defensive power since i believe its another important point

now this is food honor toriko's leg knife

Chiyo has enough defensive power to tank 6 of those

i think she can tank any attack dante or ryu manage to dish out. now mmm i really think this should go to voting since people will forget this tread soon

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@Fehafare: Actually, technically yes I could if I wanted to. Similar to giving people Muramasa blades when fighting healing factor opponents, I could give Dante a sword that literally cuts through anything.

But I'm not saying that it cuts through them in one strike or breaks there weapons. I'm saying that whatever it has done stands which includes easily cutting through a building size stone slab from at least a mile or 2 away.

So getting back to the point. If your saying that none of their attacks would even do anything, then it wouldn't matter if Dante used Quicksilver anyway, in which case why did you bring it up?

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Well it would matter since Quicksilver is effectively stopping time which would mean he could walk over and kill Chiyo before she can even think of using a defensive ability. Anyway, Dante has Lucifer which enables him to create an infinite number of swords that explode on his command.
Post by othus12 (8,669 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@ReiKai: what about chiyo killing dante before he even thinks of activating that? dante is really cocky while chiyo gets down to business right away. going by character chiyo should be able to finish dante before.

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