ultimate kevin 11 vs superman

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@Newdeath said:

@tronboy: It doesn't matter because Superman is fast enough to vaporize Kevin before he can even process the thought of absorbing anything. Kevin can't react or think at speeds greater than light so he will be defeated before he can do anything since Superman is FTL.


^ This

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@Sinister_Noob said:

im sorry, but i have to ask. when i saw this i thought of a certain kevin, and the fact that this fight was not locked from post one for being a spite made me think i got the wrong guy.

THIS is the kevin your all talking about, correct?

if so, superman stomps in a tremendous way, and why, oh God why is this still going on, and WHY is anyone actually debating with this, its so far over i cant explain it.

No, this is the Kevin they talking about

But Kevin will still lose

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This a bad thread

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