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I'd have to go with Kira.

Banagher is a natural enemy to the newtypes such as Amuro or Kamille so he should technically be able to take them down. The NT-D system should also be effective against Kira's funnels but Kira's Strike Freedom has so many other weapons it might not be as effective as it was against the newtypes, plus it may not work at all seeing as Kira isn't technically a new-type. I don't think he would win though because I imagine everyone'll target Banagher first given his formidable abilities to screw over so many people.

Heero's got a very good system in the Zero System but the Wing Zero itself just couldn't compete with the likes of the far more agile gundams such as Strike Freedom. The Gundams in Wing seemed like they had far more amour and good take more a beating but weren't that fast.

Domon will get taken down because every other gundam can take to the skies and just rain down pain on him. IIRC God Gundam isn't really known for flying around and is a close range fighter.

Kira's has SEED mode which gives him a big advantage plus Kira's just an amazing pilot in the first place. He could take down entire armies while ensuring all the take downs were non lethal. That takes so much skill it's unreal and I don't think any other pilot has shown anywhere near as much skill. Also remember that the MSs in Seed seemed to fire lasers and Kira could dodge them all with ease. The MSs also seemed much faster than the ones seen in UC, AC or other universes with the possible exception of the AD universe of 00.

It's hard to say how powerful Qan T 00 was because I don't think we really saw much of it IIRC. I don't remember much about the movie but it was said that the Gundam could've taken out the entire ELS army if it had chosen to do so.

I don't know much about V Gundam either.

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@ohgodwhy: Kira would run into issues dealing with Quan(t) as not only does Setsuna possess precog like any of the Newtypes involved in this match because of being an Innovator, but Quan(t) possesses Sword Bits that can function similar to the Providence Gundam's and was capable of crippling a moon-sized mothership using his GN Buster Rifle while in Trans-Am Mode.

And to my knowledge, Coordinators only had heightened physical attributes superior to humans, yet they lack the precog that Newtypes, Innovators and the Zero System would possess.

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@Dream: Yeah, like I said I wasn't quite sure how Setsuna would fit into this but he could very possibly be the one most likely to win.

And yes coordinators have heightened physical and mental atributes instead of pre-cog but in essence, the heightened abilities almost give him pre-cog. In the anime he's dodging lasers, missles, bullets from all different directions without even taking any hits. The speed that Kira showed in Freedom far exceeds that seen in most other series.

Tbh though it's hard to say who would really win. They all have their hax. H

I'd say Setsuna>Kira>Banaghee>Amuro>Heero>Kamille>Domon. Banaghee has his NT-D which should give him the edge over Amuro. Heero's Wing Zero can't compete in terms of speed. Domon doesn't have much in the way of long range or aerial capability.

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@ohgodwhy: you forgot Reiji

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@Shadowchaos: Reiji's pretty good but I'm only watching the anime so far and he hasn't shown any special abilities. It's hard for me to gauge how well he'd do in other universes so I didn't include him but he'd probably be pretty good.

No spoilers if you've got any extra info on him other than the anime please.

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@ohgodwhy: I don't have any info about him other then the wiki. I just wanted to ask what your thoughts on him were.

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@Shadowchaos: Fair enough, I got a bit worried because I've only been watching the anime and I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would.

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@ohgodwhy: Yeah I like Wing the best but I've been meaning to watch build.

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I've got a question, why aren't Uso, Judah, Seabook, Garrod, Tobia and whole Asuno family in this fight?

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: because never heard of them and they never came up in my wiki search.

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@Shadowchaos: Judah is the protagonist of ZZ Gundam, Uso is from Victory Gundam, Seabook from f91 Gundam, Tobia is from the sadly underrated Crossbone Gundam the three Asuno pilots are from Gundam AGE

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: ahhh woops well I might add them later or create a new one with them.

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