Ukitake and Shunsui vs. Blackbeard

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BB wins because of the damn gura gura no mi... that said, kyoraku is prolly my fave bleach character, i need oda to show his bankai right now

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BB beats them, neither have shown anything that could battle his quakes or his darkness. he can take a large slice from WB, shunsui's cuts wont do much

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not sure if BB can take a spiritual base attack. And both captains is too fast for bb.

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2 at once really stacks the odds against him, I doubt they can survive a direct confrontation with him due to his Gura Gura and Yami Yami.

Speeds around the same, its really up to their use of Hax to bring him down, they cant let him get off an attack or it will be devastating.

I would give the edge to the captains.

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Given that they are supposed to be the strongest captains after Yamaji and Unohana, and their bankai haven't been revealed , no one should concretely say one side beats the other. I'm inclined to give it to the team though. Why? Shunsui's hax shikai. Kageoni anyone? Blackbeard is especially vulnerable. The unseen takaoni which makes whoever higher up win and lower die is also a potential easy win for Shinsui.
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@taichokage: Given the events of the most recent chapter, I doubt we will ever see his Bankai. Shame too, I really wanted to know what it does. But I will hold out hope that Kubo shows as many as he can before it ends, at least we will see what Zero Division can do in the next few chapters.

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It might still be possible. Kubo assured us that Shunsui's bankai alone specifically would be shown. It was the only one he specified. But you have a very good point. As much as I want to see the 0 squad in action as they are almost certainly a tier above the captains, I hope he doesn't ignore the captains, the senior ones least of all.
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Did he say this in an interview? Im not one to keep up to date on interviews, I end up just coming across them from time to time. Unohana and Shunsui's are the only ones I personally want to see, the others are mainly just for clarity and closure.

I want to know what the evolution of her Manta Ray will turn out to be, I always found hers to be one of the most unique released blades next to Shunsui's.

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Right? Unohana's is the only one to turn into a creature. It's very odd, a gigantic flying sea creature with healing properties. The bankai is probably a humungus giant sea monster. Maybe a Kraken like in One Piece. But yes, Kubo actually said he would reveal Shunsui's bankai in this arc in an interview. It was the only one not shown that he specified he would show. I was happy too because his was the one I wanted to see most after Yamamoto's which we now have seen. But the way he is unravelling things is very interesting, but it doesn't seem to support the showing of several unrevealed bankai.
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Captains should win this

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The captains get gobbled or babyshaked.

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