UH's Tournament R2: Team SpeedForce Universe vs Team ReiKai

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Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Vergil (Devil May Cry)


Yoshimori Sumimura (Kekkaishi)

Kaguro (Kekkaishi)


Akabara Strauss (Record of a Fallen Vampire)


No prep, speed is equal

Vergil has Yamato, Force Edge, and Beowulf.

Yoshimori has his staff and Chushinmaru.

If D can be incapacitated, it counts as death.

Fight is in Las Noches

Battle to K.O. or death of all on a side

This is gonna be one hell of a fight!

Good luck to all and


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So what stops Yoshimori from activating Zekkai and vaporizing the entirety of this roster considering that speed is equalized?

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@CerusSerenade: You mean Shinkai, Yoshimori only has a quazi-Zekkai.

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ReiKai opponents sure look tough!

But Yoshimori will start by putting multiple Kekkai for Hiei, Vergil and Kaguro to use for attacking in the air while Yoshimori is in the air as well inside his tripple kekkai (also he has gone mosou state)

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D alone could clear this.

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Speed is equalized so we can ignore that argument (as Yoshi was the slowest one here *ahem*). So we can start with some basic info. The ones for Team 1 A&B are pretty much known. My Team (Team 2) is lesser known, though "D" is quite famous. So, I'll give a lil about Strauss before going on.
Strauss is over 1200yrs old and is King of Vampires who ruled the Kingdom of the Night about a thousand years ago. He became King at the tender age of 200 (most Vampire Kings were at least a thousand years old before qualifying) due in no small part to his immense magical power and keen intellect which surpassed all of his peers. He was, in fact, so powerful that the most powerful Spiritualist of the day, Saverhagen of the Infinite Cross, spent decades trying to kill Strauss and over time had created numerous spells and barriers towards that goal. Yet none came close to being effective against Strauss who shrugged off Saverhagen's greatest spells with virtually no effort.
His history is quite long so I'll sum if up a bit. His human wife and unborn child are killed by Saverhagen to create a curse to destroy him at a later date, he is forced to marry Adelheid the Vampire Princess to keep the peace and become King. Vampire Nobles and lords of human countries conspire to kill Strauss because they fear his power. Strauss offers himself up for execution in order to maintain peace (and because of his depression over Stella, his wife's, murder and the fact he realized she'd become part of the Black Swan). Adelheid goes berserk when the vampire lords try to kill Strauss and her latent, enormous power explodes forth and kills nearly everyone there.
Adelheid's power threatens the world and grows in a field of corrosive magic that continued to expand. Bridget (a dhampir and Adelheid's half-sister) unites her forces with Saverhagen's to seal off Adelheid and prevent world destruction, scattering thousands of false seals around the world to keep her from being freed. Afterwords Strauss seems to refuse rebuilding the Vampire Kingdom and goes in search of the seals so he can "Kill Adelheid" as it was believed that she killed Stella (however only Strauss and Saverhagen knew the truth, and Bridget believed Adelheid did because her sister had an amulet that Strauss had handmade for Stella).
Fast-Forward a thousand years, the Dhampirs under Bridget's command have been trying to kill Strauss for his betrayal and to keep him from freeing Adelheid. Jin Renka apparently more than the others as he'd fallen in love with the previous Black Swan (50yrs prior to the end story) and Strauss killed her, so he swore revenge (naturally). Jin is a strong swordsman, slightly better than Bridget (who was taught a bit by Strauss and has six-hundred years experience over Jin). However, even reduced to less than a third of his strength, in an unrestricted swordfight with Jin (meaning he could destroy buildings and the surrounding area and GM Gozen, a financial leader, would take care of costs), Strauss did nothing to use his magic save for forming a sword for himself and demonstrating his unsurpassed skill.
Despite every trick and technique Jin Renka had pushed himself to learn, even controlling twin spirit swords with his will alone to strike at Strauss from any angle he chose, he couldn't land a single hit. Strauss is fiercely intelligent, cunning and tactically brilliant. Even though Jin claimed he was faster than Strauss was at the time, Strauss was literally taking him apart effortlessly. Even going so far as to split Jin's left arm down the middle and let the pieces flap while counting every individual blow he was landing on Jin throughout the fight. It was obvious to everyone watching that Strauss was toying with him.
Throughout the time that Bridget and co have spent trying to kill Strauss, he hasn't tried to kill them in their engagements. Any time they got stronger, he only used just enough of his power to cripple them, destroy the Seal and move on. All of which had been part of a millennium long plan to maintain the peace.
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Online Now
I don't know all the characters but equalized speed never is a good idea unless speed in general is close. Relative speed equaling might make sense. By that I mean equalize the hierarchy of speed in a battle but no individual speed. By that I mean you could say One Piece elites and Naruto speed elites have similar speed and One Piece middle tier speedsters and Naruto middle tier speedsters are of similar speed for a battle. But many characters are heavily speed based. A good example would be to say Flash vs Green Lantern, speed equalized. What's the point? Granted that's a bit extreme and in honesty I have no idea who would win in this particular scenario, but I know Hiei and to nerf his speed is to nerf his main attribute.
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The equalizing of speed for this was more to keep "D" from eviscerating everyone in the tourny. Because his Reaction Times can be brought in around Lightspeed level and above, there wouldn't be anyone else who could actually test themselves against him without being turned into sashimi. Even though "D"s movement speed may only be around sonic to super-sonic level, his reaction times are vastly greater, and he'd be able to kill pretty much everyone else without the slightest effort.
Without that, no one could actually get close to him without dying all but instantly. More than speed though, "D" and Strauss have lived longer and have more experience than everyone else in the tourny. "D" can use an understand technology that exists beyond human understanding, and Strauss can give pointers to rocket scientists despite never having to ever seemingly studied the subject. 
Both of them can sense things from miles away and their accuracy is within nanometers. "D" can pierce openings no wider than a molecule and Strauss can simultaneously destroy three terrain-guided nuclear missiles moving at Mach 20 while in the middle of the day under the Sun, which reduces his power by 80%. And he'd been tracking them since before they were launched by nuclear submarines from a distance of 1500km.

As such, even if Yoshi were to create multiple Kekkai as footsteps for Virgil and Hiei to use to leap around and seek to confuse and target Strauss and "D" from multiple angles and vantage points, Strauss could destroy all of them with relative ease simultaneously.
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@taichokage: I see what your saying, but I did that because everyone on team 2 was massively faster than all on team 1. It would be hard to land even a single hit seeing as how the majority of people on team 1 are hack and slash. Even Hiei's speed pales in comparison to the vamps from what I've read so I really wouldn't be hurting him in this situation. Plus he has sword skill and energy projection to be tested. Team 2 has the raw power advantage but Team 1 has a few tricks up their sleeve.

And seeing who the winner is is what we are here to find out, is it not?

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Yoshi's Kekkais aren't weak here since he can go Mosou and draw power from Karasumori. he could put Kekkais on team 2 and paralyze them like he did to Gen and while the other Swordsman gang up and attack a paralyzed team two.

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I have no doubts about the strengths of Yoshi's Kekkai, however it's not sufficient to stop Akabara. Saverhagen has done much the same thing in the past trying to restrict Akabara within such fields, and they were entirely ineffective. Even sacrificing 500 Spiritualist to try and capture him within a field using multiple spells, Bridget, who was with Akabara, couldn't do anything. However, Akabara Strauss dispersed the field with little more than a gesture. Despite years of prep involved with this, Saverhagen didn't seem all that surprised by the outcome.
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With speed equalized I can't see Hiei doing too much here. Vergil still has his Teleportation and summon swords that can be useful in this battle. And if what is said about D is true then he can negate Vergil's regeneration for this fight.

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Strauss can also create swords from the surrounding materials. And if they are outside of the dome in Las Noches then Strauss isn't affected by "The Sun" and thus is at full strength, the same with "D". And because they aren't fighting on Earth, Strauss doesn't have to hold back as much, but is still restricted for the matchups. Power wise, the S-class Hiei may be the only one comparable to Strauss in this matchup. Vergil, Yoshi and Kaguro simply don't have the output nor the Anti-Magic ability necessary to get the job done.
In terms of swordsmanship, Vergil is probably the most skilled member on his team with Hiei coming a close 2nd. Kaguro's power diminishes spiritual powers and can cut through Yoshi's Kekkai. However Strauss is a being of pure magic and can only be hurt by spiritual-based powers or their equivalent, so Yoshi and Hiei would be best to take on Strauss. Which leaves Vergil and Kaguro for "D". Vergil doesn't really teleport so much as move around at super speeds, and only managed this in DMC3 when he had both parts of the amulet and the Force Edge sword which held Sparda's power. Still without these he could still release what may be sonic-slashes about the room for distance and with them he could seemingly hit most spaces in a room simultaneously in order to restrict Dante's movements.
However, any strategy involving Yoshi's Kekkai to allow them greater movement in the air is countered by any AoE move used by Vergil and there is no guarantee that "D" won't use those Kekkai for his own advantage as well to catch Vergil and co up high. Given he can effectively glide and control his descent makes him a far greater threat than Vergil and Kaguro. Kaguro will probably be the first to be killed. He is entirely a close-range fighter who relies more on instinct and need than any battle strategy. He just wants to kill. And he's been stopped by fear when sensing Yoshi's power. "D" could stop nearly all of Team 1 momentarily with his Presence, which has shown powerful enough to make even the Greater Nobility, including Valcua regarded as the Ultimate Noble, tremble in primal fear of him,
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@ReiKai: What if Yoshi Metsus D's arms and legs?

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Then he's taking his focus off Strauss who can swing his hand and take Yoshi's torso off. But of course Yoshi has to target them first. Before "D" nails dual wooden stakes through both of Yoshi's eye sockets. Thing is, Metsu is not instant destruction and he has to trap them in Ketsu first. Ketsu-metsu's greatest effectiveness is against Ayakashi, things that don't normally possess a physical body. Both "D" and Strauss are not Ayakashi and while not human either, their powers are on completely different levels.
For instance, Yoshi can manipulate space to a degree, but requires his utmost concentration. "D" can manipulate space as well, and cut it. "D" also doesn't need to move to pressure Yoshi with his presence. However it can make Yoshi hesitate long enough to deliver fatal blows, either from afar by "D" or by Strauss. And if he uses Ketsu to shield himself and create blocks for his team to use for strategic movement, then he doesn't have time to try and capture people as fast and cunning as "D" and Strauss.
As it stands, Chushinmaru is just dead weight here and is little more than a meat shield. And as many Ketsu as Yoshi can make, as tough as he can make them, would be about as useful as rice paper against a wheat thresher. There's nothing "D" can't cut through, and their defenses aren't enough to stop Strauss. And as it stands, I'm not even seeing the slightest sword skills from Yoshi. He is handy with the staff, but his physical combat abilities are severely lacking.
Yoshi's primary goal in this would be to protect his allies as much as possible. Attempting to restrict Strauss' or "D"s movements are, to be blunt, impossible for him. And, btw, Left Hand can pretty much eat anything Yoshi can dish out too. "D" has had a small nuclear device go off in Left Hand and it consumed the nuclear reaction. He's been hit by a psychic energy being that can shatter hundreds of tons of solid stone and been struck with 100billion volts of lightning. Yoshi's only hope of actually damaging "D"s limbs would require encasing them in Multiple Ketsu to increase the effectiveness of Metsu.
Incidentally, Strauss could probably do this by himself with some difficulty. Yoshi and Kaguro could be eliminated almost immediately by him, which just leaves Vergil and Hiei, who don't have the defensive abilities necessary to guard the other two. The only thing stopping Strauss from killing all of them at once is the restriction on how much power he can use for these battles. Which also keeps him from simply going into orbit and annihilating them from space.
To be perfectly honest, an unrestricted Strauss could do things like this;

 And that's just not fair to the rest of the class, is it? Just being on Earth he has to hold himself back. But give him just a bit of breathing room and he can still do things like this;

 That is essentially what Las Noches is going to look like in the first five seconds when Strauss starts exercising his power.
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@ReiKai: Vergil doesn't need both halfs of the amulet to teleport and such.

Also are we using anime/manga D here or the hax novel version?

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Anime "D" is non-canon and the Manga "D" is the same as the Novel. Speed was equalized to avoid the "hax". He's also not cutting the Akashic Record and manipulating time, so you don't have to worry about that.
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@ReiKai: Tough guys you got there... would metsu'ing their inside organs work more effective? he has done it before to other Ayakashi.

Also Yoshi has his Mosou state so am sure he would be having much trouble casting Kekkais... but I wont say that would be enough to beat your dude cause you are right, Yoshi is our defense here.

Tho if Shinkai was allowed (the OP banned it before the fight) would it make a difference?

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It may work on Ayakashi, but not on these guys. Strauss has had 2/3rds of his body destroyed when Adelheid first released her Corrosive Magic and he still survived and later Kaiyuki (the Black Swan) turned the majority of his internal organs to mush with her Anti-Magic arms before going to rest, and he could still walk around normally and eat icecream without her knowing. And unless you can specifically target and destroy "D"s heart while he's on the move, anything else is just a fruitless gesture.
"D" has literally performed open surgery on himself with a knife and his bare fingers to peel and pull out mutant plants growing inside him through his veins and organs and feeding off his blood. He didn't even show the slightest discomfort (This was in "Pale Fallen Angel").
As for Shinkai, not so much. Even if allowed, you'd have to allow for "D"s other insanities. Even without that it wouldn't help. In "The Stuff of Dreams", "D' was literally trapped in an alternate dream reality controlled by the Dreaming Noble. As such, that entire world (which was really just the town, closed off from the rest of the world, keeping "D" from ever leaving it) was turned against him to the point where people killed didn't stay dead. "D" had even carved in a piece of Reality to attack the Dream with.
Later there was also the instance with King Egbert (think his name was) in "Mysterious Journey to the North Sea" who had the ability to manipulate space and materials within it by creating a circular field in which he called his "Kingdom". By doing this, he could create people from mud and weapons and armor from grains of iron in the sand, a twig becomes a forest and a drop of water becomes a lake or ocean by his will and power. He could also manipulate gravity in that field and increase it to more than ten times normal in an effort to slow "D" down and overwhelm him with an army of mud-warriors that were not affected by these conditions.
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@ReiKai: Man, your guys are insane.. I don't think we can beat your guys...

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