Turtle School vs. The Boondocks

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Sorry for doing two in one day; I'm starting to love this forum XD

This is a unique battle; has anyone thought of this?

Kid Goku, Krillin (before he learned the Kamehameha Wave), Yamcha (Also before he learned the KW), and Master Roshi from Dragonball


The Boondocks's Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman, Grandpa Freeman, Bushido Brown, and an unlikely ally-Stinkmeaner (Using Tom's Body)

Goku's advantages.-Trained by one of the best Martial Artists in his world; The Power Pole; Kamehameha Wave

Krillin-Shaolin Monk; Trained by Roshi as well

Yamcha-Wolf Fang Fist; also trained by Roshi

Roshi-Best Martial Artist in DB; knows Kamehameha Wave

Huey Freeman-Skilled in Kung-Fu; Mastery of of a samurai sword; possesses the Black Power Fist (Think of an electrically charged Nintendo Power Glove that can tase you); take a look at the Dodgeball episode, it shows Huey's true abilities

Riley-While the weakest member, still has a gun

Bushido Brown-Master at Karate; Nunchuks; Best Fighter in the Boondocks World

Stinkmeanor-Trained in hell; mastered kung-fu as well; has beaten down Satan's entire army of demons

I know many people will go right out and just say the Turtle School, but I feel this will be a close fight. Reasons?

(Now keep in mind, even though he dies in that video, he's still taking on three very skilled fighters with almost no problems)

Now, discussing match-ups

Goku vs. Huey (Huey is allowed to use his Black Power Fist and samurai sword. Goku is allowed to use the Kamehameha Wave)

Yamcha vs. Grandpa Freeman

Master Roshi vs. Bushido Brown and Stinkmeanor (Roshi is allowed to use the Kamehameha Wave)

Krillin vs. Riley (Riley is allowed to use a gun)

Your thoughts?

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The Turtle School wins. I'm going to say that they have the more skillful fighters and if Goku can use kamehameha then it's a certainty. Master Roshi for one can solo because he is an insanely gifted martial artist, discovering how to use ki energy and he's just a human, not a Saiyan like Goku who had the innate ability to manipulate energy. Roshi is a better fighter than everyone in this battle, and he's still insanely powerful. I don't see how anyone here will do much of anything to the Turtle School. Roshi for one is too fast to be tagged by anyone, and he is very durable as well. And then there's the issue of his power. He's destroyed mountains with his kamehameha wave by accident, and when serious, managed to destroy the moon. And I don't think Huey is a better martial artist than anyone in the Turtle School, and even if he was, they're all still much much physically stronger and faster than he is.


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I guess that's the major thing when I thought about this fight was Master Roshi's strength as a whole. Even when putting Bushido Brown and Stinkmeanor (The two strongest in The Boondocks) as a tandem against Roshi, I could still see him killing them both. However, Stinkmeanor, being in the devil's favore\, could be brought back to life in anyone's body, or even being brought back in Roshi's body himself.

However, in the original fight, Bushido and Stinkmeanor, even if they had the Hateocracy, would lose Roshi. I agree with that.

I had originally debated whether to have Goku before he learned the Kamehameha or after. I know that if it was Goku pre-KW, I believe Huey would probably still lose, but would probably get in a few good hits to make it an even fight. With his sword prowess and the Black Power Fist, he would probably draw blood from Goku and probably keep him down before Goku got in a nice shot in and defeated Huey. After learning the KW, I know that Huey would probably never be able to beat him, unless he was able to dodge the blast, which I doubt. And even then, he might not win. But the point I would like to make is that he'd draw blood.

Krillin before learning KW would probably still win against Riley. Riley can't fight. Krillin can probably dodge bullets, that's for sure. But Riley could get a bullet in him.

Yamcha might have a laugh when fighting Grandpa, thus leaving him open to GF's belt. But his own martial arts would probably save him against Grandpa's belt.

I believe Huey could beat Yamcha and Krillin before they learned the KW. Not saying that those two are weak, but Huey has shown more potential as a martial artists when we first see him than Yamcha or Krillin when they first appear. All Yamcha had was the WFF, and I'm pretty sure Huey could dodge that (Only reason Goku couldn't was basically because he was hungry).

I can go down the list, but you are right, Newdeath. Roshi's training would make them unbeatable for the Boondocks's crew. Roshi is their X-Factor. But...if you take out Roshi and his training, then you'd have nice, balanced match.

(Sorry if this seemed so all over the place. I'm new here lol)

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This is a stomp for the the turtle team... But I do believe that Huey will talk him self out of this fight because he knows he can't win... but you should had added Uncle Rukus.. he to knows how to fight with nunchucks. but it wouldn't matter... also The Boondocks is my favorite American Anime!! is freaken funny..

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Mine too! Just how Huey handles himself makes him my favorite character in cartoon history at the moment.

I was gonna add Ruckus, but as you have said, it'll be a stomp. No matter what.

But I will still stick to my theory that Huey could go toe to toe with a Goku before he had learned the Kamehameha Wave.

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@TTIIOO: Nope Goku would still stomp Huey with one punch... now if it was episode 1/ chapter one Goku he might have a slight chance but only with the Katana, and his electric gloves... or he can outsmart Goku and surrender by buying him food lol.. or he could step on Goku's tail and that would be the only way for Huey to beat Goku but it will not happen... in term of speed/strenght/durability Kid Goku>>>Huey... Now Huey and Bushido Brown vs Mr. Satan would be fun to watch but in the end Hurcule will win..

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@TTIIOO: While you do have a point in regards to the skill of these characters, what about all of the ki-related techniques that some of them possess e.g solar flare. And there's still the issue of the Turtle School fighters being physically superhuman. I'm not sure how the Boondocks' characters are going to fair against characters who were capable of lifting cars prior to martial arts training.


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Without some sort of equalizing of stats, the DB characters stomp hard.

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