TTGL vs The Excession

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Abilities for The Excession include:

-reacting and moving faster than planck time

-registers as having no mass

-can teleport itself and other objects across space or other universes instantly (works on objects at least the size of a large star)

-can absorb enemies and put them in a stasis

-outclasses The Culture (the main species of the series that are extremely more advanced than any other species)

(the difference between the Culture and The Excession was like cavemen to modern humans)

-cannot be scanned by the culture whohave the most advanced technology capable of sensing anything in the vicinity of 2500 light years

-can easily hack and manipulate machines on the culture's level

-can summon Gridfire to a level that the culture isn't even capable of (Gridfire is a weapon that allows the user to open a portal to the grid)

(the grid is a border between this universe and other universes and has energy output equal or greater than the big bang)

In total, The Excession's destructive capacity should be many light years of space to universal while speed is massively FTL to


Who wins? (if this is a stomp then TTGL gets teamed up with Anti-Spiral)

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how is excession gonna survive chou tengen toppa giga drill breaker?

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@IndridCold: All the machine hacking is using as the TTGL is basically materialized Spiral Energy. The TTGL surely shares the ability of his previous version to punch things out of the universe and warp through space.

And as @othus12 pointed correctly the Giga Drill Breaker would fuck the excession up

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wins again!!!!!

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@Kuro_San: Actually I have to agree on this. While the excession is very powerful, his durability as of now is unknown but it is most likely lower than what TTGL can dish out on him.

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...yeah TTGL shot drill missiles through time, hurled galaxies, and has the Giga Drill Breaker.

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Tengen Toppa has more feats so I'd say it wins. But this...Excession looks like it shouldn't be underestimated. I should read the books and find out. Who said you can't find good recommendations on the battle forums?

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You guys are fucking retarded if you think TTGL wins. The Excession can instantly effectorize them (I mean INSTANTLY. zero time) from another universe. The Excession travels between universes. To do this it essentially tanks a nogh infinite amount of big bangs. The Excession can destroy the universe with gridfire The Excession travels between universes with pathetic ease. You people are retarded. TTGL has zero chance.
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@heresyheresy: Has it been said that Excession tanked big bangs during those travels? or it is just you assuming it had if we go by science?

Remember that TTGL can attack the past Excession and the probability of Excession to affect TTGL with it's attacks are not 100%.. even if Excession can dish out an attack that could one shot TTGL, if it did not work the first time, Then there'd be no second time for Excession..

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I agree. Siding with TTGL here.
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