Tsuna vs Natsu

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Counting the absorb attribute.

I think Tsuna would own this because it is not sure if natsu can absorb deathperation flames.

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Why don't you ask Zancrow? He also thought Natsu wouldn't be able to absorb his Godslayer flames, and now if you recall the fight you might remember that Natsu could absorb it in the end

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tsuna stomps with ease ..he simply freezes him

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Tsuna's a lot faster than Natsu, his attacks are arguably more powerful and he can fly. Natsu has durability on his side and the abiliity to absorb most of Tsuna's flames. But Tsuna will notice this quickly and use his zero point breakthrough to freeze Natsu.

Also notice how I said most of Tsuna's flames above. Tsuna also has his XX-Burner which effectively dissipated a black hole. Far too much power for Natsu to absorb imo.

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I agree with you... so to make this even give natsu the lightning power of laxus so..

Natsu (Laxus's support) vs. Tsuna (1st generation ring & unlocked power)

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Natsu with the random power ups wins.. he never loses cuz he is full of PIS...
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