Tsuna vs 4 beast Gaoh

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they are in charcter

start 100 meters away from each other

win by K.O or death

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Im more inclined to go with beast king. I don't know how well Tsuna would do against enemies of this type. Yea, he can fight Gola Moscas, but this is in a different league. Gaoh has nuke sized explosions with the swing of his paw plus some hefty speed to back it up. Id give it to Gaoh 6/10

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Id also go with Goah. Tsuna's speed keeps him in the game for a time but I don't see most of his attacks connecting and if thy did they'd be like her stings to Goah at best. The psuedo black holes are to be feared, but unfortunately for Tsuna, Goah is literally too big to fit through them. His only hope would be the petrification scream. Even then, in character Tsuna only resorted to it once, and Goah might get a nuke shockwave off first if he did use it. I'd say Goah has the majority chance of winning 7/10 or 8/10 times.
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