Trunks and Gohan VS Indramon and Machinedramon

Topic started by blackdemon on Feb. 23, 2012. Last post by ohgodwhy 2 years, 10 months ago.
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Two heroic Sayian warriors from Dragonball Z, Trunks(as Future Trunks)and Gohan take on Indramon from Digimon Tamers and Machinedramon from Digimon Adventure! Prep for both sides, and where Trunks fights Indramon, Gohan fights Machinedramon! Which duo wins? The heroic Sayians or the Digi-Bad?
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Want to cry at how one-sided this is. Don't put digimon in battles with DBZ characters unless they're one of the OP later ones.

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I don't get this thread. I had to google who Indramon was and found out he's only ultimate level. Trunks is way beyond his level. Also I assume you must mean Gohan from when he fought Cell because he's fighting Machinedramon, the stronger of the two digimon. Gohan SSJ2 would beast on Machinedramon hard.

There are some digimon out there who would absolutely destroy DBZ characters but not these two digimon.

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