Trafalgar Law Vs Kisuke Urahara

Topic started by Destinyheroknight on June 21, 2013. Last post by taichokage 1 year, 7 months ago.
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- Both are in character

- No PIS or CIS

- Win by KO or Death

- No prep time

- Standard equipment for both

- No knowledge

- Urahara can't take to the sky

- They both start the fight about forty feet apart from each other

- Fight take place at the Cell Games

Who will win?

Post by The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk (1,332 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Kisuke sends a special, newly developed Kido into Law that magically seals away his exact power. Seriously, has anyone seen this guy not come with the exact thing the plot needs?

Post by ChromeDisaster (1,145 posts) See mini bio Level 11

@The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk: Never in my life lol. But Traffy loses here. Swordsmanship goes to Kisuke, Intelligence goes to Kisuke, and ability goes to Kisuke. Benihime screams all over Law

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,047 posts) See mini bio Level 16

Well if Kisuke can't get enough distance, he'll be at Law's mercy.

Post by taichokage (16,142 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Ehh, I might be the odd one out. I like Kisuke a lot and with prep I'm sure he'd win. In fact he could probably seal Law, but in a straight up fight with Kisuke having none of his inventions, strong as he is, I think Law's hax is a bit much to get around. He can beat Law in strength, h2h, intelligence, probably speed and durability as well, but hax can overrule power.
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