Touta Konoe vs Tsunayoshi Sawada

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Let me know if there are any suggestions or revisions needed. Thank you.

Created for two battle themes:

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What are the feats to Konoe?

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tsuna should be alot faster. As far as other stats go, IDK.

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Uh this is an utter tsuna stomp.

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Being unfamiliar with both series and trying to promote it, I did look up their powers to see if this match was about fair. I had concerns that Tsuna was too much of an opponent.


Amateur Swordsmanship: In the first chapter Touta and his friends were shown many times trying to defeat Yukihime with wooden swords. Though all the battles ended in failure he showed some ability with the weapon each time, but it seems like he wasn't formally trained and is still a novice.

Biological Immortality & Regenerative Factor: As a vampire, Touta gained eternal life as well as eternal youth; he is literally incapable of dying through natural means. Touta's immortality, like Yukihime's, is one of the strongest types in existence; it grants him a very powerful healing factor in addition to his eternal life. A very power regeneration healing factor, Touta's ability works at a supernatural rate, as he can regenerate from almost any injury, and reattach limbs, such as his head and his arms, without being encumbered by the wounds. There is a limit, however, to Touta's regeneration ability. His body is linked together by his magical energies; if his limbs are severed, he can restore them simply by reattaching them. However, for a complete regeneration, the severed body part no longer has to be "alive". As such, if a limb was severed from Touta's body, but kept safe, hidden away, it would never regenerate; Touta would have to find the limb himself and reattach it. If Touta's head was severed, he can survive this and reattach it, however, if it was to be taken and locked away in a safe underwater, he would remain conscious and alive, but unable to regenerate the head as his body would never decay. It also takes 30 years for a creature to digest the flesh of a vampire; if Touta's arm or leg was eaten by a large creature, unless Touta personally retrieves it, the limb will not regenerate until it's been completely digested.

Superhuman Strength: He discovered his strength as a vampire near-death, though the true feats are unknown as of yet. He was able to to defeat Tachibana with one hit even though being easily "killed" by him the first time. He was also able to train and use the gravity sword to hold it at 2000 times gravity and swing it rapidly, when one month earlier he couldn't even hold it at 1000 times the weight.

Martial Arts: It's been noted on multiple occasions by Yukihime, Jinbei, and Kuromaru that Touta has great talent for martial arts. Having undergone training from Yukihime, mainly for the purpose of leaving the village, Touta has a decent grasp of the basics of physical, hand-to-hand combat, and it becomes increasingly obvious that, in place of continued formal training, Touta improves himself through actual combat situations. He has shown himself to have remarkable reflexes, capable of detecting surprise attacks from behind and reacting within seconds. Touta's skill has improved to the point that he can fight on nearly equal ground with Kaito, at least before the man decided to become serious in battle.

Magic: It seems he has inherited both side of his families magical ability capacity to utilize magic. this is seen when after he was sealed he was somehow able to use Magia Erebea after he was awoken.


  • Shundō (Instant Movement): A movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. This is used by concentrating ki or magic power into the feet to get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. It's important that when going from point A to point B that you hold to the ground with the inside of your feet or you will simply trip. He has not mastered the art but is proficient in it despite seeing it once, a month ago.
  • Magia Erebea: Touta has shown an ability to cover his arms with something resembling pieces of black armor. Upon witnessing this, Nagumo noted that it reeked of powerful and evil miasma. This ability seems to greatly enhance Touta's physical capabilities as with a single punch, Touta was able to deal great amount of damage to Kaito, causing him to be thrown several metres away.


  • Gravity Blade: (重力剣 Jūryoku Ken) - A pure black katana created by an evil mage about 30 years ago, this sword is a blade with the ability to increase its "gravity", or, more accurately, weight. Doing this increases the relative power of the blade's physical strikes on an opponent. Located on the hilt of the blade, under the guard, is a dial which has a "heavy" and "light" setting, flipping the dial in either direction allows Touta, or any other user, to alter the blade's weight, heavier for increased power, lighter for ease of use. At 200x of its original weight, Touta makes a comment that it feels like a body builder, at 50000x of its original weight, simply throwing the blade is enough to completely destroy a small palace with ease, as demonstrated by Jinbei Shishido.

From the UQ Holder Wikia

You can ask for more information on Touta since he's a big UQ Holder fan.

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@takashichea: Konoe sounds a lot stronger than I thought I gotta read the managa sometime, I think Tsuna still has a flight advantage and if he's fast enough he could use zero point breakthrough as a last resort but other than that I'm not sure.

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I was reading Tsuna's feats on the Wikia, and I think I made a stomp thread again like Komatsu vs Krillin. It happens when I'm not familiar with a series. Unlike that Komatsu vs Krillin, I did preliminary research. I overestimated Tsuna.

If you know any good Hitman Reborn threads to make, make some. It's almost the end of April, and Gremmy threads were everywhere. Folks were complaining. Then, they were PMing me to do something. I couldn't really do anything to change the community's trend. I can only make a few threads, but that's all I can do. It's up to the community. Seems like no one likes to follow the battle themes that our Battle User of the Month proposes. It's more of a suggestion since not everyone is a fan of the series a person suggests or they don't know the series, like me.

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tsuna should be able to defeat touta for the time being. but as things are going i do see touta surpassing tsuna by EoS.

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@othus12: Just started reading the manga its pretty sick, I had no idea it was a continuation of negima.

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@othus12: @Shadow_Okami9:

I had fail to account for Eos Tsuna after noticing there is a 10 year time skip. Hitman Reborn manga ended in March 2013 (tankobon format) while UQ Holder started out in December 2013 (tankobon format).

I guess it would better to pit pre-time skip Tsuna vs Touta for the time being until UQ Holder's story progress more. Does that sound okay?

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@takashichea: True, with pre-time skip Tsuna, Touta has a better chance, but right now I'm on chapter 2 on UQ so I cant say who has this fight in my opinion just yet.

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