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who would win the rematch?



latest versions

they are in character

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AAAAAAAH. I don't know man, in their previous encounter Tommy was physically superior, nothing suggesting he still isn't. Probably still faster too, but not speedblitz speed, Toriko as he is now would be enough to force Tommy to stop using bugs immediately though, where it goes from there is hard to say. I want to say Toriko wins, but that's really only because I know he has something new, problem is that we don't know what it is yet. We saw Tommy's entire body get pierced by Sani's Satan hair and he was still alive, so I think Toriko is going to have to pulverize ALL of Tommy considering his body parts can apparently continue fighting when dismembered (that Arm Capture level man), Tommy had bad luck having to fight Sani honestly.

Tommy for now, but barely, and only due to his insect nerve ganglia ability. I need to see Toriko's new ability we all know he has, I can't accept only Sani unlocking a new power

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@YoungChief: i just hope his new ability is as impressive as satan hair.

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Exactly. I was quite surprised that Sani succeeded where Toriko failed, albeit by the skin of his teeth. I think it was because Toriko and Tommyrod are more melee based than Sani and Tommyrod won because he was slightly stronger. Sani won solely due to the haxness of his ability. Even with that, Sani was no match at all in close quarters without the Satan hair. When it comes to special abilities, Toriko is the least developed, and he makes up for this with having superior physical ability (which is why Zebra is OP because he has strength superior to Toriko, and abilities beyond Sani, at the same time). I feel Toriko would just barely lose with what has been shown. But assuming the nail gun wasnt his post 4 beast upgrade (because it pales next to Satan Hair powerful as it is) he would likely win with an ability of that magnitude. But what on earth does Zebra have I wonder. He is the most destructive and Toriko is already casual mountain level and Sani potentially planetary when he gains better control.
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Kugi Punch............

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@taichokage: his new ability will probably kill starjun. it would be ridiculous that his best ability got tanked by star as if it were the same as his other attacks.

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@SpeedForceSpider: tommy is wayy stronger now.

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Tommy did seem alot more powerful than he was when he fought Toriko. However wwith food honor food immersion and new attacks like cannon fork a win is not far off from toriko. Tommy's biggest weakness is that he wastes alot of energy using bugs instead of Directly fighting IMO, and considering how easily toriko can spam leg fork and leg knife ect. I honestly think he can pull out a win. I always figured him Sani's superior in battle anyway.

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I think Toriko is the overall better combatant as well, but Sani is better against melee type enemies. He can out range them, his Satan hair can't be cut, he can freeze your nerves and he can reflect your own force at greater power, including Toriko's Kugi Punch. It's the sheer versatility of his hair. Toriko on the other hand is faster, stronger and has more stamina, which I think is overall better for overall combat......except for Fodder clearing. Zebra's shioto and Sani's Super Fry Gaeshi are the best fodder clearers.
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