Tobi vs Madara Uchiha

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Battle takes place in the Valley of the End

Madara(Current but Mortal) starts at the Water Fall in his Perfect Susanoo While tobi starts off in the lake

Tobi has control over The Six Tailed Slug(Saiken),The Two Tailed Cat(Matatabi),and The Four Tailed Ape(Son Goku) controlling these three do not hinder

Tobi's chakra balance however during the fight one the three will break free of control and run wild.

Madara can only call down a meteor once.

If Madara manages to defeat the Three Tailed beasts with His P-Susanoo He'll revert to his normal Susanoo to combat Tobi

If Madara manages to gain control of the Rabid Tailed Beast He'll have control over it for only 15mins then the Tailed beast breaks free resisting control from either combatant.

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This is actually a very interesting fight, but Tobi hasn't had any major feats yet. However, as seen in the latest manga chapters, he has been able to hold his ground against Killerbee, Gai, Kakashi and Naruto (in his normal form), so he must be pretty damn strong.

If we're assuming he is at least as strong as Nagato (not Pain), then with the power of 3 tailed beasts I think he would actually win this. He has also demonstrated by far the greatest knowledge of ocular techniques in the show (one of the reasons I believe him to be the son of the rikudo sennin). Assuming he has control over the 3 bijuu for at least a while I think he wins with difficulty. I don't think that Madara would go for the meteor technique except as a last resort either, as it would kill him as well (unless his perfect susano could shield himself). I think that the combined might of 3 bijuu could eliminate one of them as well.

Tobi wins with very high difficulty, considering powerscaling (feats-wise alone, Madara is superior).

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I too think Tobi could potentially win this. Tobi has control over the beasts via his rinnegan jutsu and those controller rods, not because of his sharingan so I think it's unlikely Madara could take control of them.

He'd win this because of the Tailed Beasts, I doubt he could take Madara without them.

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@ohgodwhy: Totally agree. Without the bijuu he could put up a fight against Madara, but he hasn't shown anything to make him his equal or superior.

The way I see it:


Madara>5 kages

Tobi>=Killerbee, Kakashi, Gai and regular Naruto

Tobi is strong enough that with the help of 3 bijuu he could take him.

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Madara's Susanoo looked very promising, too bad about the Edo. But alas, Tobi's imminent victory lies with the Tailed Beasts.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Yep lol Madara was so powerful they had to kill him off by turning off the Edo. Even the kages were like "Oh crap, we're screwed".

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Hitsu made this thread before. Also Tobi ought to have all his paths. This is Madara! Madara would win for sure with current feats and Tobi's nerf.
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This is a hard one to call because we don't know too much about Tobi. For all we know Tobi could be a clone of Madara.

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Not a clone but as you said he could be the empty shell of Madara as Tobi states so himself he's nothing but an empty shell of his old former self, and Madara in the past by the time was aware of the splitting technique from the Third Tsuchikage which Madara probably used just like the Tsuchikage did but that's only my assumption, other than that there are no other explainations of who he is but Rikudou's son. Recent chapters reveal he is a Uchiha and hates the Uchiha Clan....

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@TheNobody: I had heard one interesting theory that he was the physical consciousness of the Juubi (fits with the whole idea of "becoming complete"), but I guess that's been blown out fo the water.

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@GIRUGAMESH: That's a good theory i personally think he could be a zetsu clone of Madara or Izuna because it would not only fit in the story it would make it more interesting.

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