Tobi vs Itachi vs Sasuke vs Madara

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Tobi has both of his or err...Obito's eys.

Itachi is in his prime neither him or Tobi will suffer drawbacks from over using the MS.

Sasuke has his EMS.

Madara is at his prime and can only use his EMS.

Battle takes place in Konoha village when it was hit by Pein's Almighty Push.

So who is the Top Uchiha?

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madara uses meteor attack! tobi of course dodges it. unless madara figures out tobis weakness then i think tobi will win it
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Itachi FTW!!!!

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1) Tobi - the other guys are going to struggle to hurt him

2-3) Madara or Itachi - Madara has more weapons at his disposal, but Itachi is too crafty to go down easy

4) Sasuke - Inexperience is his main weakness

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Tobi wins without too much difficulty. He's shown to be pretty formidable without showing off his rinnegan (he has a ridiculous amount of chakra as well, enough to spam kamui), tbh the others would need to team up to actually land a hit on him.

Next I would say Madara or Itachi, but if the fight drags on I could see Madara outlasting Itachi.

Sasuke of course is the weak link.

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Tobi is one of the last ones standing as he can go into his alternate dimension and chill out until someone emerges victorious from the remaining 3.

What is Madara in his prime? He said that he unlocked the Rinnegan like right before he died or something like that. Is that him in his prime? If so, it's him vs Tobi in the end. Really no matter what, I think it's him vs. Tobi in the end. As of today's date, I'll give it to Tobi since I don't know what Madara has to deal with intangibility. Anyone who can find a way to deal with that kinda starts beating the crap out of him with ease but I just don't know what Madara has yet. If it's revealed that he can do his own Kamui type thing or can move at 4th Hokage speeds, I give it to him.

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Ends with Tobi vs Madara

Without Edo, Madara loses regen/immortality and some power-up to some of his techniques. While Tobi gets a power-up.... Tobi is more likely to win due to hax.

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Lol, I understand the Tobi warping away thing until one opponent is left but people are acting like that person could be anyone other than Madara. Even though he is massively nerfed in this battle, his sharingan is still the strongest. Nothing the others could do against his final Susanoo. It's definitely between Madara and Tobi. Who wins that I can only speculate.
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@taichokage: His ultimate susano form was activated when he was using the rinnegan, not the sharingan.

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Either Madara or Itachi...

Tobi WOULD but Itachi could easily figure out his weakness and can trap him in a genjutsu or figure a way around his technique... madara could also figure out tobi's ability and simply overwhelm him...itachi vs madara would be interesting because:

Itachi is smarter, very battle-smart, faster, and has a greater genjutsu ability with his eyes

Madara has tons of experience, and has a much more powerful eye in general. Madara also has a much greater amount of chakra and abilities at his disposel.

In the end, oh and sasuke just dies...either one of them could kill him without TOO much trouble.., i believe Madara wins majority like 7/10 but itachi is no push over and i definately do not put it past him to win

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