Timeskip StrawHats Vs Current Spartoi

Topic started by Ikki_Minami_ on March 3, 2013. Last post by ChromeDisaster 2 years ago.
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Timeskip Strawhats Vs Spartoi

-No holding back

-All serious and bloodlusted

-Win by death

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strawhats winnnn

Post by YouFinished (1,036 posts) See mini bio Level 9

The Spartoi are straight up outnumbered and outmatched in overall physical capabilities; such as speed, durability, and dc. Especially when it comes to the monster trio, whom also have precog to further augment their speed. Robin could just start breaking all there backs as well, but maybe expect for BS, who would be the only serious threat from the Spartoi with his speed, soul attacks, and the fact he uses a sword. In the end, the Spartoi get stomped.

The weaker Strawhats vs the Spartoi (excluding BS, Kid) would be a better battle IMO, with the Spartoi most likely coming out on top.

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Black Star and Kid are the only ones that would be able to put a fight, they will lose.

Strawhats wins here.

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Major stompfest here. Strawhats dominate the Spartoi in every which way possible (unless it was like a Usopp or Chopper or Nami vs Spartoi match)

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Strawhats rape Spartoi. Choose your method of death: Santoryu Gomu Gomu No Diable Mouton Jet Pound Canon, Radical Beam, or Gaon Cannon? You decide!

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