Timeskip Straw Hats Vs Final Ichigo

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If naruto doesn't get laid with hinata then I'm going to demand all the years i've spent reading back.

Also don't forget the sage of six paths will resurrect and look exactly like naruto then teach naruto a one shot kill jutsu that will save the world and give him super eyes that will disappear after the jutsu is complete.

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Unlimited time. He doesn't have access to Mugetsu here and only that form is temporary.
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@solesamurai said:

@Jinbeifan1 said:


1. his DF only became useful because he had his own superstrength, his own speed, and he figured out a way to make it even more useful in combat

2. a pure blood would be a full shinigami or a full quincy but no... his blood is mixed with EVERYTHING if that's what you call a pure blood, then I cant imagine what a mixed blood is :P so in reality your opinion is moot

3. exactly, all he learned was ways of making his getsuga tensho bigger... not really anything else besides that

4. The reason kubo's writing is that shitty is for that very reason... theres no damn development with ichigo or his powers, just a higher scale version of the GT, as I said in the previous statement. It's not very imaginative. He literally has one move and the rest is moving around really fast and slashing. Luffy was creative with his fighting techniques and thus has made better uses of the DF he has

5. If you really think that is all there is to haki, then you are VERY naive (nice way of saying it) Haki has more than one application, not just for nullifying logia types in which you think is all its good for. You would know that it was more creative than that if you actually paid attention

6. thats even worse, if he's gonna be a hybrid of everything he might as well use it to his advantage and do something better than making a giant slash attack. I dont like the fact that kubo did all that, but its not like anything can be done about it. Might as well use it to your advantage and give him a cool power... but knowing how much of a troll kubo is then I wont expect anything extravagent

7. fanservice is also a big part of why FT is so full of fail, but hey if thats all your looking for then yes its a good series to use

1. No it didn't In the OP environment Luffy's powers are incredibly useful even without super strength and speed. for instance he never has to worry about blocking things like bullets and blunt force attacks since he doesn't take damage from bullets and blunt force attacks have to be incredibly powerful to damage him.

2. I'm guessing a pure blood, is someone who has the ability to adapt to all sort of spiritual changes. Meaning his blood isn't saturated with 1 type of signature ability, he can use them all. that's what I theorize a pure blood is anyway.

3. yes, making your point about Kubo giving him everything moot, even with him getting new powers all the time he still only uses the getsuga. Even when he had hollow powers(I personally don't think he has them anymore) he never once used a cero or anything .

4. You're backtracking, First you said it was shitty because ichigo got everything, now you say it;s shitty because he doesn't get anything. Ichigo's power is universal, he never needed any development, sure more creative ways to use his powers would have been nice, but he never needed them.

5. IIRC Luffy didn''t start getting any new attacks until well after the Time Skip.

6. That isn't what I think there is all to haki, but I feel that's why it was created, Specifically because without luffy would never beat a Logia user without some sort of plot device or a Logia DF of his own.

7. That's another thing, You people use the word troll wrong. Kubo is a moron with his story, not a troll. A troll is someone who deliberately gets you interested in something and pisses you off on purpose in the midst of it. Kubo is inadvertently screwing himself over, that's a sign of incompetence not trolling.

8. Yea the fan service does ruin it. but that's all there is to look forward to it at this point. You can't honestly tell me the last time you've been like "OH WOW I WONDER WHAT'S GOING ON IN FAIRY TAIL THIS WEEK!"

sorry for taking so long to respond, i have other obligations lol but back to the argument!

1. The reason that luffy's DF is so useful is because he's such a physical fighter, and he's practically a genius in a fight (while he is very absent of that in any other category :P)

2. the pureblood/mixblood thing we'll never be able to figure out, it's all bull crap imo :P

3. It is pretty stupid as hell that ichigo has all of the things possible in the friggin bleachverse possible within him, but theres no changing that. he needs more development if that is the case, just making the magnitude of his one attack stronger is kind of annoying

4. i still dont know what iirc means lol he got new attacks in the ennis lobby arc, thats when he really started to change.

5. maybe your right, maybe it was partially if not all (which i dont believe) created to beat logia types. but you know what? there are LOTS of plot device in bleach and naruto for the same case, such as ichigo AND naruto being unable to win their fights without the inner demon they both have. ichigo less so, but more or less the same. theres no way you could tell me either would have made it this far without those things inside them,which could be seen as plot device. and a DF user cant have another DF with Blackbeard as an exception, why? Unknown for now, most likely has to do with his own DF. anyway, last example of his plot device, since he's part quincy or whatever, the stupid bankai steal thing doesnt work on him... just saying, it's kinda annoying

6. Not true, one example of kubo's trolling is when he had gin turn on aizen, then everyone was all :D but then he killed him the next chapter and everyone was like :O lol also i guess the same could be said about ulqiourra but i didnt like either of them so :P but yes he's a very bad writer indeed... he also trolled with yama-jii in his last fight, making him look like a badass and then getting beat like a lameass soon after XD

7. yeah it's been a while... I mean SERIOUSLY! in the last chapter, it was literally Lucy and Natsu rolling with her NAKED on top... now I can say for sure on this one... Hiroshima is a F@@KIN TROLL

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@Jinbeifan1: you know...haki isnt a PIS weapon for luffy. many have used it against him sentoumaru and the kujas wooped him a lot because of haki. while in the other hand the vizard form has always worked well for him. when he was about to lose against byakuya the hollow popped in. when he was about to lose against ulquiorra the hollow popped in. and when that was getting old they gave ichigo quincy powers. that annoys me.

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IMO Bleach is crap, I didn't bother reading Bleach anymore after finding out Ichigo was part hollow and quincy... That's just a huge "Trollol" to the reader and to the series but it's not like Bleach wasn't crap anyway

OP I read for awhile somewhere in the past (When I was a lot younger) and now I've recently have just begun reading it again (Starting with the Punk Hazard Arc,) Now I remember why OP was such a great series (Caesar is awesome)

As much as I hate the fact that Obito is Tobi, I really like this arc because it explains all the mysteries behind everything that's ever happened in the series, not just that but favorite characters are coming back, and the real war is beginning. It's obvious to say that Naruto is going to die sacrificing himself in order to seal the Ten Tails, resurrecting the other Jinchuurikis, and everyone that's died during the war (Via Rinnegan), and that Sasuke will carry on Naruto's will in becoming Hokage and accomplish something Madara couldn't even accomplish, becoming Hokage (The only way to destroy the circle of hate).

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