Tiger and Diego VS Voldemort and Shan Yu

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Tiger of the Wind from the Monster Rancher Anime and Diego from the Ice Age series take on Voldemort from the Harry Potter series and Shan Yu from the 1998 movie Mulan. Random encounter and bloodlust is on, with the fight being to the death and taking place in a snowy, open area in Northern Canada. Both teams are written properly, at their best in every way and are not being downplayed, jobbed, disrespected or made to look less capable, tough and powerful than they actually are in any way. Both teams have all their abilities, talents, skills, powers, weapons and the likes, and Voldemort does not have Nagini with him, nor does Shan Yu have his falcon. It's pure one on one, and the aforementioned Voldemort is without any horcruxes to keep him alive. He's alive, but if he's killed, he's killed. So, then. Along with them all, as has been made clear by now, being at their utter peaks in every respect, Tiger of the Wind is fighting Voldemort, and a few feet away, Diego is fighting Shan Yu. No BFR or soloing allowed. If one member of each team wins, then they fight each other and the winner wins it for his team. Now, who wins the two-on-two tussle here? The furry quadrupeds or the felonious bipeds?

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I personally feel that unless I'm missing something, Voldemort is outside everyone's league here. Two, you're expecting Voldemort to fight fair? Otherwise, I think Diego might beat Shan Yu. He did get up from a slash to the throat. And probably more that which I can't recall atm.
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Though I agree with you that Diego will defeat Shan Yu, and though you are correct there is plenty more to back up Diego's victory(like the way he trashed an entire pack of raptors on his own in Ice Age 3, and easily, and it was a big pack, too)I think I should fill you in on Tiger of the Wind's powers just in case you are in the dark about him. If you know who he is, I apologize in advance, but just in case you don't, Tiger of the Wind has the following abilities.

He can shoot lightning out of his horns, blow icy blizzard cold which freezes enemies out of his mouth, create small tornadoes, run at phenomenal speeds(as in, it was established on a different site he would be able to defeat Severus Snape, who is comparable to Voldemort in power level, speed and skill, by avoiding him with his speed while hammering him with ice and lightning), leap extremely high and/or far, last very long in a fight in terms of stamina and use his tail as a blunt force weapon. Additionally, all five of his senses are extremely sharp, and so are his claws and teeth. Let's not forget how highly agile, nimble and fleet-footed with quick, sharp reflexes he is. He's also quite strong and durable, to the point he once killed Captain Dino WITH ONE SLASH. And he's pulled a cart or wagon more than a few times. His fighting skills are quite sharp, and his bravery, toughness, aggression and ability to fight dirty(don't think he fights fair, either)go hand in hand with it all. He's powerful, speedy, skilled and fierce enough to defeat not only the aforementioned Snape, but also Renamon from Digimon Tamers, Wolverine from Marvel Comics and Hawkman from DC Comics. He would also give Garurumon from Digimon Adventure a run for his money, even if not win against him after a long battle.

So, still think Voldemort's going to win against such a dynamo as Tiger of the Wind?

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Not at all, I was completely unaware of what Tiger was capable of. Thanks for informing me ^^
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No problem at all. I guess we can agree the victory goes to the four legged, clawed and fanged dark heroes, eh? All enemies of Voldemort will thank Tiger, and all enemies of Shan Yu will thank Diego. ^^

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