Three Admirals vs Akatsuki

Topic started by GoldenStar66 on Nov. 6, 2013. Last post by Carter_esque 1 year ago.
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Sabaody (Location).  

Prep: None. Death (condition for winning).
Logia intangibility (off). 
Akatsuki is blood-lusted. The Admirals are not. 


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with juubito there akatuski should win also there sure are a lot of bleach vs naruto vs one piece threads lately

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Yeah a lot. With intangibility off and assuming Juubito is part of this, Akatsuki could take it.
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Akatsuki varies a lot since there're a lot of additions; like the 100,000 White Zetsu Army and Gedo Mazo.

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Akatsuki curb-.. well you get the idea

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