Thousand Blades: Haseo & Kirito vs Archer & Gilgamesh

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The two biggest names in the VR world come together in full form (thanks to the power of Digitization), Haseo the Terror of Death, and Kirito the Elite Black Swordsman. They'll take on two of the biggest contenders in the Holy Grail Wars, two guys who look like they could be brothers; Silver and Gold...I mean, Archer and Gilgamesh.  

Haseo and Kirito have all their abilities from the Novels and special appearances. Archer and Gilgamesh are at the top of their game. Haseo and Kirito can't GM the world. Aside from that, everything works as per normal.
Special Round: UBW Archer vs. B-St Haseo
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Haseo has data drain and is universal... on the other hand he's slower than them and could get Gae Bolged before that, not to mention that they can dodge.

Kirito isn't even close to being a factor in this match.

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@Fehafare said:

Kirito isn't even close to being a factor in this match.


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@Fehafare: @phantomrant: Kirito and everyone in the Alicization arc when within the VR world have their mental processes multiplied by a factor of 320x, effectively the world within is moving faster than the real world. Like a form if time dilation. In essence, one day in the Real World is a Year inside the VR world. It's like the Room of Spirit and Time in DBZ. As such Kirito is affected by this time dilation and moves accordingly.
Kirito already had around or above peak human speed in SAO, around 70mph. Add in dilation factor multiplied his processes and speed by 320x and that kicks him up to Mach 29. Kirito was actually already super-sonic in flight in Alfheim Online, where he gained Spriggan Wings.
Oh and Haseo in full sync with his Avatar, aka Morgana Factor (Skeith), is a lot faster than this by a considerable level.
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@ReiKai: Doubt you can scale it like that, but doesn't really matter, it doesn't change the fact that he's still useless.

And from what i know Haseo isn't anywhere above high supersonic to maybe low hypersonic.

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@Fehafare: Like I made in the op, this is Novel appearances. Their selves in the VR world are controlled by the brain. Speed and reaction are dependent on their thoughts. Project Alicization ramped up the thought processes of all those connected by a factor of 320x. As such his speed and reactions would be that much faster than they were previously. It's not much different than what happened to people in Dot-Hack when they were trapped in the AIDA server. 4min in Real Time was more than 12hrs in the Aida Server. That there is a dilation factor if 180x.
Haseo and other Epitaph Users, when joined with their Avatars, accelerate beyond this by a massive degree. Hypersonic would be like standing still to them.
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While i'd accept it for Kirito to some degree (reactions only mind you and even that is questionable). In both cases it's a plot device that prevents their real bodies from being fucked up, it has no impact on speed whatsoever.

Oh Reikai, you and your desperate "interpretations" of some things.

As said, unless Haseo manges to take out both enemies before he gets killed (which he won't) team 1 loses.

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Kirito dies from Archer's gaze before the fight even begins.

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@Fehafare: Remember, this is as their selves within the VR world as generated into the real world. As such his speed and reaction is as given to their VR selves. With Kirito, that means super-sonic flight and near Mach 30 reaction speed. Haseo, joined with his Avatar, is...*dramatic pause*...Lightspeed. No misinterpretation. Stated fact in the .hack//G.U. novels. When an Epitaph user engages with their Avatar, they're moving and fighting at lightspeed.
As such, Team 2 gets messed over before they even know what's happening.
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1. Again, the time difference between the real world and gaming world doesn't give them speed.

2. If it's a stomp why did you make the thread?

3. Lolstatement

4. If we're playing dirty. You said Gil and Archer are at their best which means CCC Gilgamesh who's MFTL+ (and so is Archer) and he can fling three Galaxies for shits and giggles.

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1.It's not a time difference it's a time acceleration, something not given to the previous worlds like SAO and ALO. It's actually accelerating the thought process by this factor. Since this is Kirito with all his abilities from every world, the acceleration counts.
2. Oh did I now? I never "thought" of it.
3. Byork.
4. I'd like you to try and prove it, which I know you can't. Besides, Haseo is KoT. Makes him universe level. All eight Morgana Factors, equal to Aura. As such he has endless regeneration via Magus the Propagation, and can create duplicates of others with Innis, the Mirage of Deceit. Fidchell the Prophet essentially gives precognition.
Skeith essentially just kills everything.
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1. I said it could work for SAO because it actually sounds like it implies improvement of performance, nothing like that for Haseo tho. And also the stats for Kirito are bound to special conditions (though i don't even know why i'm arguing about this as it doesn't change anything).

2. I probably worded it wrongly, you didn't make a stomp thread. You though you were creating one but as usual you don't know jackshit so it backfired on your.

3. Doesn't change the fact that it's BS.

4. Let's see, villain flings protag and his Servant to the end of the space created by her which spans galaxies and hundreds of lightyears. Next second they are back and she bitches about the fact that they could cross it. There you go, not a statement but an actual feat. And we actually see Ea throw the galaxies around. Yeah he is universal in DC... but not even close in durability.

They lose, both the down to earth fight and the lollightspeed fight.

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@Dream: Lol it opens this page Dream.

Also really surprised?

Rai has his mind set on which characters can never lose and will twist everything from match to match to desperately make it seem like the "arguments" that come out of his mouth, branded by his own very special sort of crazy, sound reasonable.

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@Fehafare: Edited the link. Vice is getting buggy on me, as usual.

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@ReiKai: They're right, this is desperate.

Sorry, but that "it's faster in the virtual world so if they were to materialize in the real world they would be 320x faster still" is based off of a vague story mechanic which describes the passing of time, not their speed. Just as you mentioned, it's like the room of space and time.

They get Gae Bolg'd and/or Gate of Babylowned. Data Drain takes too long. And if they do use Data Drain it was because Gilgamesh was firing a serious EA which would annihilate the other team regardless.

And the Fate team being at the top of their game would be Fate/Extra CCC feats which would make this a rapestomp.

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Data Drain takes nothing. Peoples idea of it is based off the Games where you must perform some action to create it. DD in the Novels is fired almost instantly and requires no such charge. I said from the beginning it was Novels and special appearances. Even in the Manga, Haseo could actually fire DD Bullets from his X-Guns, and they could auto-lock. Gae Bolg would only kill them, if they were like flesh and blood humans and if Gil and Archer didn't get torn apart by Haseo at the get go.
Actually shown numerous times their VR selves aren't so vulnerable. Kirito has actually been impaled multiple times and even had limbs cut off. His data form reconstitutes itself while he still has "health". As such, running him through the heart would only hurt, not kill. As for Haseo, as Skeith, normal levels of attack just don't affect him. In this it also would include special attacks and spells. Only something outside of the parameters (beyond the normal criteria) would be able to even damage him, and the only thing that could actually potentially kill him is a Data Drain or something of that equivalency in this case, like Erasing.
Gil and Archer lack such ability, and no one has of yet actually proven their speed. I see the speculated Mach 45 from them, which actually caled by myself using a Calculator and not a guess, would knock Saber's speed with "Prana Boost" to Mach 36 at best. Which is nothing since Haseo is lightspeed at base. As of the final volume Haseo and Skeith are one and the same, and has regained all his memories as Sora from the previous version of 'The World'.
In the GU game and Manga, this merger was visually shown in the introduction of his Xth form where he acquires the X-Guns and that more leather look that shows off his navel for no reason. In the Novel, he does acquire an Xth Form, however it more resembles his 3rd Form, only white with a bit more armor, and he acquires Skeith's Sceptor, as indicated in the cover image in the op. As such, Haseo does not require some chant or charge time to perform a data drain nor to summon Skeith. It's actually more reminisce of the end of the GU Trilogy movie when Ovan and Haseo were covered in their Avatar markings and brought them out instantaneously.
Another thing for "Durability" with Haseo was, of course, surviving the Rebirth at Ground Zero, which effectively tore down and restructured the entire system (ie universe). An event that almost killed Haseo when it was unleashed. Of course this sparked a mental link with Skeith and the two bonded completely, restoring Haseo and becoming the Xth form. "The Terror of Death" is no longer just his PKK Nickname, it's exactly what he is.
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@ReiKai: Archer and Gil are MFLT at their strongest, not point in denying it you made them that. And he's not lightspeed. So they get bltized whether you accept the completely justified MFTL speed or not.

How nice that we're using game terms now.

Gae Bolg as explained by Nasu himself does the following. Sets your HP to 1 and then substracts it's own/Lancer's attack from that 1 HP you have left, ensuring a kill. It also negates any kind of regenerative power.

So unless you can provide an argument against this, don't even start.

Also your calc holds no merit, once you post it on a forum that does calcs and people review it come back and we'll speak about it.

As i pointed out you already got your mind set on who wins before entering or creating any kind of match, making debating pointless with you. You're like a stubborn donkey that just keeps repeating "No!" (would post the Family Guy video but i'm lazy).

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Thank you my dear sir/madam.

Huh, never asked you that, kinda always assumed you're a girl.

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